All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Connect the Dots covers Hoteliers, food entrepreneurs and agriculturists.

The book made me think about and compile a list of my favourite food writers.

Food writing is not about recipes alone. Neither is it about restaurant critiquing. It goes beyond tempering and cooking tips.

A good food writer loves food, digs its history, discusses various cooking techniques and is always at the lookout for new eating trends.

I read a lot of food blogs and am sharing some of my favourites from the lot.

  • Gaurav @ Eating out in Bombay - You are in safe hands here. Gaurav, along with his wife tries out various restaurants in Mumbai and dishes out delectable posts. The guy is a rookie, but like most foodies, has learnt from experimenting with various cuisines. You will appreciate the range of restaurants he covers - from high prized ones in town to the newer, chic ones in the suburbs
  • Kalyan @ Finely Chopped - Any Bengali's love of food is widely known. Kalyan, a Market Research Professional, is a die-hard foodie. Once again, we have a Bong-Parsi, husband wife duo here. The subjects on Finely Chopped vary from restaurant critiques (Bandra, mostly) to Bengali Food, to cooking tips for bachelors to Kolkata street food. The couple also hold foodie parties at home where like-minded foodie friends and bloggers are often invited
  • The Purple Foodie - The riotous color scheme and blog layout are two of the most important reasons why I like the Purple Foodie. Ofcourse, there are yummy delights in there too - muffins, tarts, cakes and chocolates. The lady works for a bakery and hence such a mix of recipes
  • Heidi Swanson - One of the best blogs on desserts, breads and hassle free recipes. Heidi, being a vegetarian, offers vegetarian alternatives to non-vegetarian ingredients. You will find soups, side dishes, salads and main course too. Yet, it's the desserts and mouth-watering pictures that keep me hooked
  • Rushina Ghildiyal - A housewife and food hobbyist turned chef, food writer and author. Rushina also works with Godrej's Nature's Basket and experiments with various food ingredients. Her posts consist of a mish-mash of simple, Indian, home cooked food and various fine dining entrees
  • Mahanandi - A warehouse of home-made food and easy on the palette recipes. I like bloggers who know their stuff. The husband-wife duo here offer recipes and food tips from the various places they have inhabited. A lot of old world dishes; the ones our grandparents would have been proved of, also  appear on the blog
  • The Daily Tiffin - An eclectic mix of cooks from across the globe, share their recipes and food creations here. Look out for their monthly food contests and theme parties !
  • Cariya Breemen - Cariya is a self-taught photographer, artist, fashion expert, cook and food presenter. She often taps all her skills to bring out extremely appealing gourmet foods to the table

Now, the bestest food writer ever - Vikram Doctor. You could play word games with the guy. Offer him any word, infact anything remotely related to food and you will get to read an immensely wonderful and informative text on the subject. No one comes close to his knowledge and presentation of thoughts. There is certain humility that Vikram brings to his posts. Unlike this self claimed, "India's best food writer", you won't find any half-baked, ego rides here.

Other food writers I read for various reasons are : Tony Tahhan, Monica Bhide, Mark Bittman, Saffron & Blueberry. Even if the food featured doesn't agree with your traditional tastes, the various tips and food anecdotes they share will offer interesting perspectives on various communities and their lifestyles.


All the crap suggested a few blogs. Apart from Manjula's Kitchen, I haven't heard of the rest. However, you may want to try them out -

Personal Tadka 
Mom's Recipes
Priya's Recipes


You will find some lovely food photography here and here.

Do let me know if you know of other food writers/bloggers who take their subject seriously and entertain with their writing.

Any good food books, recipe journals, movie suggestions are welcome too.

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