All Talk and No Action Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hurray !!

We have done it again....!

Kudos to All Of Us who have worked hard to get our City..Our Dreamland...Our sapno ki nagri where it is...

From the our corporators to the average Mumbaikar...sabne khoon paseena bahaya jaakar humein yeh prathishta praapt hui hai...

What's heart warming and a matter of PRIDE is that we are placed above Baghdad (a War torn city!) in this ranking...Yaar kya fundu Log hain hum...jitni taareef ki jaaye kum hai :D :D :D

Come..lets rejoice at THIS spectacular Feat.

Aur haan...please don't lost heart sure... agar ji jaan lagakar aisi hi mehnat karte rahe toh we shall bag the top slot next year!!



Vikas Singh said...

As a Mumbaikar, I have never felt so proud as I am feeling right now :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@Vikas waiting for us to win the numero uno spot :D