All Talk and No Action Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Came across this interesting piece of news.

What’s very exciting about such events is how unknown people get together for a common cause (In this case – Entertainment)

Media, internet and Mobile phones have given rise to this interesting trend.

The advantages of such mass movements are that you end up releasing stressful emotions, spreading laughter and feeling one with the other! A nice way to make new friends too!

Initial reaction of bystanders/people not in the know ranges from surprise to amusement to suspicion to indifference. However, it doesn’t take time for the bug to spread.

What’s also interesting is, such flash mobs/urban playground movements are gaining momentum across the globe. This truly shows that it’s a Global Village now. A girl in Shanghai, a guy in Paris, a couple in Nevada…all it needs is willingness and a penchant for surprises.

There are many such groups that have sprung up recently. The oldest and the most famous being Improveverywhere (Charlie Todd). This group has undercover agents who come out with socially awkward missions and carry them with secrecy and aplomb.

One of their most famous missions has been the “Frozen Grand Central”. The full video can be seen here

I wonder when the bug shall bite Indians and we shall have such mob events organized across major cities.

It would be interesting to see people shedding their inhibitions and participating wholeheartedly.


indiaunbound said...

It would be better if the common cause is not just confined to "entertainment" and we see something better for the society coming out of this.

Prank collectives are a very recent phenomenon and I am very positive that this movement will grow qualitatively and not just geographically.

Anonymous said...

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Shyam said...

oh come on we do have our indianiseed version already... if you wanna see it...just stand in the middle of the road and stare at the sky poiting ur finger surely in the nest 5-20 mins there will be dozens of people seeing what you are seeing..i would suggest let go of your inhibition and try this :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@indiaunbound -
Yes, it would be good to see such acts being used for common good of society, etc. However, I don’t see any wrong with playful acts too. If nothing, they help in spreading humor, health, laughter and forging friendships.

@Namrata -
Thanks for your "sweet" comments. 1000 bucks aapko agle janam mai mil jaayenge :P

@Shyam -
:D :D I can't agree more!!!