All Talk and No Action Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Over the years, I have developed a liking for many activities. Most of them, I have tried to pursue, while others feature on my To Do list.

One such hobby I would like to take up is gardening.

I cant recollect how or when I got interested in it. My early memories of gardening are from my annual visits to my Maternal Grandmas place in Gujarat. They have sprawling gardens with a variety of saplings and trees. I loved watering plants and watching the water seep in slowly. In my mind I used to chat with the plants and ask why one is Mota and other patla, why one waves at me and other ignores me and so on…In most cases, I noticed that they responded to my emotional state !

Even today I love spending time amongst trees, reading a book under the warm and inviting shade or just taking a stroll in a well tended garden.

I had almost lost this connection, until this past weekend brought me a chance to volunteer and plant saplings. I must say, the whole activity brings out the best in you One learns patience, ability to strive hard, provide tender care and appreciate beauty in its various forms.

Yes, it can be testing ! The digging, shoveling, planting, leveling and watering add the mind numbing sun rays, wiggly worms and dirt and you end up with lots of exasperation.

However, a garden symbolizes change and activity. It is forever inhabited by birds, insects, worms, butterflies and other colourful pests. The sweet smell of wet earth coupled with fragrances of flowers is sufficient to bring zest and liveliness to one's existence.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching a seed grow into a sapling and nurturing it further to grow into a beautiful tree. There is an inexplicable excitement as the colors change, tiny leaves appear on the branches and the smooth texture starts giving way to veins. Lots of love and tenderness is involved while bringing up the plants...just like you would bring up a baby!

I remember reading novels wherein the protagonist would always have a sprawling mansion and lush green gardens. She would either be an Heiress having a Ranch in Texas or a city Slicker having a Villa in the faraway mountains. Whatever the scenario, I would always end up imagining myself to be the lucky one.

Its said that gardening brings out the best in individuals. Its therapeutic effects are noteworthy.

It has always been observed that jail inmates across the world are encouraged to plant and nurture trees. It inculcates team work, helps them cleanse their thoughts and keeps them away from violence.

Some take this time to plan for their future while others mull over past events and try turning into reformed and responsible individuals. They start becoming constructive in their responses to situations.

The very act of seeing something grow is enough to strike a chord with the most hardened criminals.

Lots of fancy classes and resources on the web are available for interested people. I for one, hope to take this up as a hobby sooner than later.

The cherry on the cake would be if I could have a garden all to myself - a huge fountain, chirping birds and humming bees, colorful array of flowers and perfectly manicured lawns....Aahhhhh.... What Fun !!


namrata said...

Now heres my opportunityyyy to be the first one to comment yeppiieee....
I like the way you have maintained your blog!! interesting and covering so many varied areas.... and now u see u dont need to ask me again and again to visit it :)
Must say nice post... where did you do gardening... i like the way you put efforts to do things that u like... proud of you sweetie :)

Mr BS said...

Though I havent tried my hand in wat u would call "gardening" but I have tried a lot of such experiments..and it was always fun !

When I was in the 8-9th std...Inspired by the bio classes, I used to wet these pulses overnight etc, watch them sprout and then try to grow them in my house....of course, the end result was always a big disappointment ! :)

Also in native place Kerala, we have a whole lot of coconut / banana / mango etc trees, in our yard and whenever I went there for my summer vacations, I used to enjoy watering them....It was tough work and would take arnd 2-3 hours....But this was one of my fav pastime there...
But being a "Mumbai" guy I was always considered to be not good / knowledgable enough and was never given a good chance to exhibit these skills by my relatives.. :(
The other pastime being...showing off the skills that I have inherited by my ancestors and climbing trees.. :)

K10 Keni said...

Gr8 yaar HATS OFF to you people..Very few people go and think of SAMAJ SEVA.. That was good..Much Appreciated.. IT IS GOOD TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE A VERY nice good few people in the society always ready to provide a helping hand towards a unlucky few..God will be on your side and I have always been there for you...Keep the good work...and humhe bhi bataya karo aise ache kaam ho to..

All Talk and No Action said...

@Namrata -
Thanks for your encouragement sweetie :-)

Wow! That sounds interesting. Being from Kerala and having to work on your yards can be loads of fun !!
Also, Climbing trees can be lots n lots of fun…when do I get to learn this skill from you? ;-)

@Keni -
I guess this comment is for another post of mine. However, thanks.