All Talk and No Action Friday, April 4, 2008

Happppyyyyy Budddaayyyy Chotuuuuu !!!!

Muuuaaahhhhhhh !!!

I had thought of writing an ode to this lovely beast who is the most precious creature for me...However, I later realized that its always difficult to be objective about something you are emotionally attached to.

Still, I shall attempt to explain this Hero's entry into our ordinary and uninteresting lives.

Its been exactly 2 years since he gatecrashed into our peaceful lives and turned everything Topsy turvy.

I call it a gatecrash since we were not prepared for another bout of amusement, wonderment, love, attachment, separation, heartbreak and pain. Our last pet had died a slow and painful death. I was 10 then and it was my first brush with the death of a loved one. We then decided not to get close to these addictive and cuddly creatures. Too much investment. Emotions. Love. Pain.

I guess destiny had different plans in store.

A stray in our colony gave birth to 8 pups. All at my home yelped with excitement !

I was NOT amused ! Not again...!!

These small creatures force their way into your home, your kitchen, your study, splatter books around, jump and prance about, pounce on you to welcome you, lick you when you are upset, stare and pooh to soothe you, wag their tails when you call their names lovingly, snarl and pounce when you tease and pull their tails.
No !! I did not want that kind of commitment when I knew that heartbreak was imminent !

Yet, it was a delight to see the pups fight for their mother's milk, bite each other's tails, shriek and howl the whole day. Our home had turned from a haven into a "Chidiya Ghar" with milk splattered around, bread crumbs strewn across and "baby" claw prints !

I got irritated since I was getting emotionally involved. Who wouldn't?

Then -

Heavy rains and floods hit our area. Most of the babies disappeared overnight ! Some got washed away and others died slow deaths.

Strangely, Chotu survived. However, he came down with heavy jaundice.
My Mom melted at the sight of his withered body and vowed to nurse him back to good health. Countless visits to the vet, injections, forcible use of the syringe, daily calcium doses filled her day.

Finally, her efforts showed results and Chotu bounced back beautifully. My brother and I had a whale of time feeding him, teasing and fooling around with him. We did not realize how days passed into months.

2 beautiful months of absolute bliss, play and LOVE.

When it was time to bid him adieu, we were heartbroken. The baby had managed to pull our heart strings. One look at him was enough to melt the hardest hearts !
I surprised myself by asking my parents IF we needed to put him back on to the roads ! Couldn't we just have him around?

Bechaara kahan jaayega? Kya karega? Kaun isse khilaayega?
Kaun iske saath khelega?

What was bothering me was not how HE would survive but how WE would survive without him ! This question made all in my family smile...

So...did it mean...?

Hurray !!!

We decided to adopt him officially, got him vaccinated and decided to call him Rusty due to his golden brown hue.

Its been a wonderful journey so far. Watching him grow has been immensely satisfying and an endearing experience.

We didn't realize when the small, cuddly, beady eyed, teddy bearish, wiggly tailed pup turned into an expressive and lithe beast.

He is intuitive, loving, loyal, supportive, playful, watchful, protective, possessive, expressive and moody.

A kid who is forever ready to play, a friend who is forever ready to support, a baby who always seeks approval, a silent companion who gives you space, a teacher who teaches the power of selfless and unlimited love.

Not once in the past 2 years did we ever feel that we had saved his life.

On the contrary, we had been blessed with a gift.

We shall cherish it forever !

Muuaaahhhhhh !!!

P.S. The hero celebrated his birthday in style. My dad took him for a car ride and bought him Vanilla (his fave ice cream) :-)


Shyam said...

wowwww that is some love.... somehow i can never relate to this kind of love for offense...I have seen people really crazy in love with their pets and some treating them even better than kids...but me too scared of dogs...every now and then i am in a lift stuck with a dog and then i would be like shucks i just hope he doesnt jump on me

K10 Keni said...

give my warm regards o that street I alwas call him...Acha thik hai...uska B'day wish u a belated birthday Chotu....that was from the bottom of my heart as this guy hates me...Mai ghar me entry marna se pehele he tries to terrify me with his stupid all K9's do...Nice one...M also gonna write 4 my TYSON...he turns 3 this 13th.

Mr BS said...

Sweet !!

Not that I like pets...but jabhi bhi tere ghar aaya hoon usne mujhe jyada pareshan nahin kiya hain (not as much as you for sure!! :P) which is v strange b/c unka aur mera 36 ka aakda hain mujhe lagta liye achcha bachcha hain woh...

Mere bhai ko mere taraf se bhi Happy Birthday....

Waise maan na padega chotu ko...usne 2 saal tujhe seha..!!! ;)

On this special day, my gift to him would be...
Nobel Prize for Tolerance :D

Mr BS said...
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Vikas Singh said...
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Vikas Singh said...

Chotu is a big boy now. If you really care for him, you should find a Choti for him. That would be a perfect b'day present.

All Talk and No Action said...

U wont dad was one amongst those who HATED pets...but these creatures have it in them to melt ur papa bhi zyaada samay tak door nahi reh sake..
Also, I will hope n pray ki the pet does jump on You :P

The dog has returned ur regards w bowww wooows...

Thanks for ur wishes

We do NOT encourage Child Marriage ! :)

Vikas Singh said...


Chotu will probably always remain a child for you but Dogs generally attain adulthood at the age of two.

Chk this link :

All Talk and No Action said...

So does it mean humans too shld be getting married at 14/15? Since biologically they too become ready..

Vikas Singh said...

@ Mukta
It is not about just biology or hormones.

If you check that link, you would realize that Chotu's age in human years is 25. I think at that age he is mature enough to handle a relationship.

Don't be so possessive about him.
I have a feeling that any Choti in his life will have to face lots of problem from you a la Kyonki Saas...:D

Mr BS said...

btw Miss M, just to add...

I think Chotu already has his eyes set on one of his female kinds...Dont remember her name...
I remember him running to your balcony everytime he heard the name of that female and getting annoyed when it was a prank played by someone / the female wasn't around... :-)

Vikas Singh said...


In the light of this valuable information shared by Mr. BS,I hope you wouldn't be just "All Talk" and do something for our beloved Chotu.

All Talk and No Action said...

@BS & VS
Chotu and I thank both of you for your interest and noble thoughts on his age and need for a partner.
However, he and I feel he needs time to accomplish a few goals/targets and hence NO FURTHER suggestions regarding Chotis shall be entertained.

Vikas Singh said...


Please share his Goals/targets or should I say your Goals/targets for him ala Taare Zameen Par...:D

namrata said...

Real nice post... though i do get scared of him but i have seen the affection that all the mattas (inclusive of rusty) have for each other :)
may this remain forever :)

Deepak Iyer said...

So why do you tell everyone his name is Chotu ???

All Talk and No Action said...

@Deepak - Rusty sounds so out of place. "Chotu" just stuck around due to his size.

I am sure he wouldn't respond when called Rusty.

Infact, I doubt he knows about his "actual" name at all :-)