All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That there is too much money to be made in the media and entertainment industry has been proven here

Reliance has clearly set its sight on right targets. The proposed plan shall propel Reliance into the big league and be force to reckon with.

The potential that the company holds had already been highlighted when George Soros invested $100 million. It attracted enough media coverage and subsequent debates in favor of an IPO.

Deals with the Big Shots of Hollywood shall open doors for Reliance – it shall get a firsthand look and feel of how some of the most prolific houses function.

Apart from what’s obvious to the eye, this deal shall benefit Bollywood and Indian Television in innumerable ways – professional management, better scripts, sound technology and such other traits that Hollywood is well known for. Reliance can take the lead and help bring order and technology into an otherwise disorganized industry.

Moreover, it shall push all other competitors to follow suit and aim for higher standards – better storylines, more synergy between production houses and distributors and ample earnings for all parties involved.

Not to forget, the end consumer shall benefit the most! People shall be treated with meaningful Cinema and sensible television.


Mr BS said...

This tie-up does sound good but I think it's too early to go ga-ga over this one..especially the meaningful and sensible cinema part.

As an example, Sony Pictures had produced and marketed Saawariya worldwide but that movie was a complete disaster!

All Talk and No Action said...

Sony did market Saawariya….but they were not the makers… If the product is bad...the distributors can’t be blamed…

In this case..Reliance shall not only distribute movies…but get a first hand dekho at the processes, various intricacies involved, various production and finance related aspects..and most important – professionalism !