All Talk and No Action Monday, July 28, 2008

These days, I have loads of time on hand - So I spend this on movies, books and a few reality shows.

One reality show that's taken to my fancy is "Zara Nachke Dikha".

This one plays on the age old argument of "Boys Vs Girls".
Both teams have well known television artists who have to prove their mettle by putting on their dancing shoes and grooving away merrily...

Its good fun to watch both teams strive for higher points. What's even more enjoyable are the funny remarks and leg pulling the teams indulge in...

Out of the participants, I absolutely enjoy Ali and his humorous banter !

Though the show is fairly new and might not garner as much hysteria as is involved with the "Nach Baliye" series...Yet, its a good watch, with some cool dudes and moves involved :)

Another positive is - there's no public voting or elimination involved ! Frankly, with most shows opting for public voting, the role of the jury diminishes, making them mere puppets.

Hopefully, this format shall put lesser stress on the participants and hence, more unadulterated enjoyment for the audiences.

The only hitch I see in the show format is the judges !

Yeah - even if the show has pulled in Malaika Khan and Chunkey Pandey as the jury - both glamorous and famous in their own right, I would rather have at least one technical person involved.

I mean, compare Malaika's "It was an appealing performance/I didn't get a good feeling within/I was mesmerized/I loved what you have done with your hair/blah blah" with some constructive feedback on dance forms, styles, expressions and space utilization.

Also, trust Chunkey to come up with quite a few stupid compliments always beginning with "But"!! He begins all his compliments with "Ifs" and "Buts". Now can someone please tell him that positive re-enforcements should and cannot begin with negatives??

Anyway, all said, this one is a good dinner time watch for the whole family.


Mr BS said...

Malaika toh phir bhi I can understand..she is good at it at least..magar of all ppl..Chunkey Pandey??!!
I am quite sure Chunkey Pandey was chosen just for the "entertainment" factor...
Something to make the audience smile about rather than them being constructive feedback..(like Sidhu in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge) :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@mr bs -

About Chunkey, maybe u r right...

However, am not very convinced about malaika too...One can see her struggle while giving feedback. All her comments to participants are similar. No new insights actually..

Anil Lahoti said...

kya baat hai...apni choice to milti julti hai...mujhe bhi yeh show thoida thik laga aur mujhe bhi Ali Asgar pasand hai...(uski acting...mind it).
I am bored of these eliminations and wild card entries...Who are these SMART people who are so keen to incerase ARPU of these Mobile companies as well as show organisers who share a big pie of our sms cost...

Anyways...keep it up...ur doing good job...good day !!