All Talk and No Action Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An interesting lunch table conversation at workplace...

The talk started with Young Damsels falling for Older men and veered towards Sallu Bhai and his bad luck with the opposite sex. The ladies drooled over his charisma and charm. All had mean things to say about his most famous muse (Now the Bahu of the first family of Bollywood).

Ladkiyon..Bhoolo mat ki usne is bandi ki bhar bhar ke pitaai ki thi…remember the famous fracture ? the broken eye...??

Ehh..?? So…? She asked for it !!

I am telling you if my guy were to ditch me, sleep with someone else…I won't think twice about non-violence and the crap !! I would beat the s**t outta him !

Haan re…am sure the lady must have been cheating on him…warna koi kyun apni girl friend ki itni pitaai karega..? She was a b***h and deserved it.

Yaar, sirf ladki ki galti thi kya? And agar thi bhi toh aisa bartaav? Beat her, break into her house, break furniture..? Asli mard aise neech kaam nahi karta...

Kuch nahi re…the guy is a Psycho !!

Don't forget the lady was a gold digger herself ! She has had a sling of boy friends ! She left all guys when they were down and out !

Sallu ne usse achha mazaa chakhaya !

Mai toh kehti hoon sabhi dhokebaaz ladkiyon ko maar daalna chahiye....

I pray he settles down with Kaif. They look soooooooo cute !!

Chup bey…baap beti lagte hain…

Man, this lady is taking him for a ride ! Salman ki achhai ka fayda utha rahi hai woh…

But she shouldn't forget that it's because of him that she has come so far !! It's her moral obligation to get married to him !

He still rules !! My my...maine pyaar kiya and HAHK still rock !

I will hate it if she too cheats on him ! She shouldn't be doing movies with Akshay if it makes Sallu unhappy !!

Oh yaa....its all about commitment you see...anything to make one's partner happy

Arre but it's her life and career ! What's the point of the relationship if she can't enjoy some freedom? Does one have to fore go one's rights in a relationship?

Oh yeaaah WHATEVER...!

And on and on and on it went....

What's revealing though is - all the participants in the above chat were females and most had no problems with violence and abuse in a relationship...

Interestingly, This was sent across by a male friend who heard about the conversation....

Phewww......God Bless us all !


Namrata said...

Humn... Salu was a great actor... though even his acting has deteriorated now-a-days... and even if he were a good actor as a human he is CRAP... (i dont know him in person :) so can put a disclamer.. but as per whatever media has covered it can be confirmed) and the females who believe that their husbands have a right to beat them up.... crazzyyy i cant get a word for them... but ya if any female who reads muktas blog is tortured by her husband... i am sure you are assured mukta can come to aid at such times :) 2 gali de degi aur ghar se nikal degi kamine ko... but on a serious note... even if educated women feel so then we cant really blame the uneducated ones... saala my husband behave like that and i will shoot him... in between i recently heard of a website (havent visited yet) where in you can give supari to get people killed... i know i am going too far from the post topic but i think its good to keep people informed and all the women there i guess it could be your last resort :)

Mr BS said...

I am a bit confused on your stand on this issue...

I am sure you are against husband's abusing their wives physically...

But from the above comment and otherwise I think you like bashing up men and I am guessing your hubby would fall under this category...

God Bless Him !! :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Namrata -
Thanks for the "hitman" idea sure other damsels in distress shall beneifit...

@mr bs -
I am against all kind of violence. But again I do believe in Tit for Tat.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed very sad to see that Indian women are thinkin of killing their husbands just because the husband beats her wife, once in a while..

This country is going to the dogs.

Kya ye wohi desh hai jahan Pati ko Parmeshwar samjha jaata hai ?

I dont understand what the fuss is all about. But good to see that majority of women dont have much problem with wife beating :-)

PS: I am anonymous just because I dont want to get shot. Abhi tak meri shaadi bhi nahi hui hai :-)

Namrata said...

parmeshwar better behave like parmeshwar .... if the title given is misused... if respect given is not recieved back females should not take it... i wonder how it would be if the scene is vice versa... then i would love to read the comments of the people above on the issue... in btween i am glad that guys are scared of our dhamkis and thats why post as anonymous... what say mukta... hum to bahut khush hue!!!
replies to some comments made above
It is indeed very sad to see that Indian women are thinkin of killing their husbands just because the husband beats her wife, once in a while.. (lets reverse the situation in your case, let your wife hit you ONCE IN A WHILE)
I dont understand what the fuss is all about. But good to see that majority of women dont have much problem with wife beating :-)(i just hope and pray that ur wife does not fall in this category) :)

Anonymous said...


As goes a famous song,"Aisa kalyug aayega,hansa chugega dana – Kauwa moti khayega".

Wives are used to beating since thousands of years. But vice versa will be akin to "Kauwa moti khaayega".

I hope aisa Kalyug na aaye.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon -

The fact that you have decided to remain anon shows what kind of a double std, darpok and an MCP u r !

N let's not talk about pati parmeshwar - Only guys who respect and cherish women can be called parmeshwar - rest should be shown their place !

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk..

So just because I am anonymous not only proves that I am a darpok, but also an MCP :D Since the topic deals with right of a husband/man to beat his wife/woman, I would refrain from commenting on logical abilities of the female species, lest the discussion derails.

As far as concept of Parmeshwar goes, every husband regardless of whether he beats his wife or not is Parmeshwar for her according to our culture and traditions. It would be better if along with watching movies of Salman Khan, aaj kal ki ladkiyaan thoda hamaare mahaan culture ko bhi jaane.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon -

Yup.Lets not get into the logical abilities of the female species. I can spare you the empirical data.

Also, talking about our Culture...women have always been worshipped and idolised in India. From Mahabharat to Ramayan - all glorify women AND men who RESPECT & Cherish women.

Err...maybe you just skipped this part of our culture.

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk..

Sita was worshipped but even she had to give agnipariksha to prove her chastity, when her husband demanded. And even after proving her innocence, she was banished because her husband so wished. And we worship Sita today.

So the point is that a woman may be worshipped by others, but in front of her husband, her status is negligible.

Aishwariya had more fan following than Salman or currently what Abhishek has, but she was still beaten by Salman and probably still is beaten by Abhishek.

All Indian women should keep this in mind,that in a man woman relationship, it is the man who is Parmeshwar, and woman is his devotee, whatever may be the status of woman in society.

I hope this is enough to clear your doubts for now. Please feel free to post more queries as I love educating people about our great Indian culture.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon -
Ram lost the epitaph "Maryaada" after this deed of his.

Also, maybe you belong to the stone age and hence have not caught up with modern times and changing male attitude.

Or is it that you have seen such a pathetic scenario at your home and hence have come to believe in the "negligible" status of women?

Also, have you expressed your "traditional" and "cultural" thoughts with you mother/sister/girl friend/wife?

Am sure they might be ASHAMED of you.

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk...

The only valid point that you have raised in your reply is that Ram lost the epitaph "Maryaada". I dont know when did this happen. He is still referred to as "Maryaada Purushotam" which means the best man ever :-)

Other than above mentioned point, you have mostly attacked me personally in your reply which happens when people are devoid of arguments.

I would not respond to personal questions as this is not a matrimonial or a dating forum so opinion of my family members or how was I raised is not important in this discussion.

If you still have some queries (regarding the topic and not my personal life)please post them. I will try to clear your doubts.

PS: If you are interested in knowing more about me then please be explicit about it. We can discuss me somewhere else.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon -

You are correct. My attack was more personal in nature than Logical.

Reason could be that it's a waste debating on "culture" and "mythology" when one's Fundae aren't clear.

If you had read the Ramayana - you should have known that Ram was called "Maryaada Purshottam" because of the various superior qualities he possessed.

He loses this epitaph temporarily when ignorant people question his motives/faith in wife Sita.
On a thorough reading of the Ramayan - one would realise that there is NO SUCH thing as Agni Pariksha. The woman abducted by Ravana was NOT Sita but only a shadow/mirror image of Sita. She was followed by Ram who ultimately killed Ravana and restored faith in the Good. All this while Sita was being protected by the Agni Devta.

Once Ram returned from the battle - the real Sita surfaced and the image entered Fire.

To this day, most people take this incident negatively and blame the Lord for lack of trust in his wife.

You are right. There is a LOT we girls can learn from our culture and traditions -

Our Culture shows Ram & Sita who had implicit and complete faith in each other. Both were equals and one's status wasn't "negligible" in front of the other.

Our history shows men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Mahatma Phule fighting for equality and independence of women.

Our National Movement shows large scale participation by females like Rani of Jhansi, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sarojini Naidu, etc. who were supported by their fathers, husbands and colleagues.

All the above just prove one thing - sensible men have always existed and believed in equality of the sexes.

Insecure, jealous, egoistic MCPs have always believed women to be second class citizens.

Hope the above has impressed your higher logical faculties.

Queries Are Welcome.

Namrata said...

I guess i come in too late.... 1st thing i need to apologise that i said that if educated women thing like that we cannot blame the uneducated ones!!! IF EDUCATED MALES(correct me if this is a wrong assumption) still think like this... i guess we can understand where we are all heading... Hindu religion says dont even hurt the minutest of creature... we dont kill mosquitoes even if it sucks our blood... so hurting a human is far away.. i think there shdnt be any discussion on this further... as it does not make any point when people still have such a traditional outlook... i think its better to learn good things from the traditional ways... anyways no point!!!

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk..

I appreciate that you have responded with some arguments on the topic.

This story of a shadow/mirror image of Sita being abducted by Ravana is nothing but what else, a story. No such thing is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan or Ramcharitmanas, two widely accepted Ramayans. I know there are many other versions of Ramayan with such twists. In one such version, it is mentioned that Sita was actually daughter of Ravan and Mandodri. Bhibhishan was an astrologer who predicted that Sita will bring mis fortune to Ravan. Hearing this, Ravan throws Sita in a river and she is then found by Janak who raises her as her daughter. Bollywood Lost and Found stories were probably inspired by this "version" of Ramayan. I am sure the Ramayan you read is as credible as this "Lost and Found" Ramayan. Even if the story of Sita's image is assumed to be real, can you tell me why did then
Ram removed her from her house. a very unique way of showing respect, I would say despite knowing that she was not at fault.

As far as Lakshmibai, Aruna Asaf Ali and Sarojini Naidu are concerned, I never said women cannot progress in our society. The discussion is on their status vis a vis their husbands. We do not have any evidence to suggest that these women were considered as equals by their spouses.

Since we are talking about Ramayan, please let me know your thoughts on this verse from Ramcharitmanas : dhol gawaar shudra pasu naari, yeh sab taadan ke adhikaari. It means Drum, Shudras, animal and women deserve to be beaten.

@ Namrata

Being educated doesn't mean forgetting our culture and aping the west blindly in the name of modernity and women liberalisation :)

Anonymous said...

A few years back, I had stumbled upon a line and I was impressed by it. It said..

Dont argue with fools, people might not know the difference.

I hope either one of ya takes the cue. :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon 1 -
What Ram did was what a "King" deemed fit to do, Not a Husband - nowhere in the Ramayana is it mentioned that Ram doubted Sita. You see people make different choices depending upon circumstances.
Also, be a man or woman - success in any field depends on the support they receive from home. So hopefully, that answers your Qs about our Lady Freedom Fighters!

Am glad that "learned' men who have read various versions of Ramayana are reading and commenting. Yet, an Intelligent yet "closed" mind can be a Lethal combination and would hope men know what to choose.

The verse brought up by you is poisonous and unrelated to the issue at hand. For better knowledge you should consult Mythology and Sanskrit Masters.

@Namrata -
I agree.

@Anon 2 -
Maybe the topic at hand isn't important for you. Yet, am sure it matters to "womankind" in general.

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk ..

The verse I mentioned is indeed related to the issue at hand. I guess the discussion is about wife beating and that verse from Ramcharitmanas justifies it.

@ Annon

Fence sitting is not the smartest thing to do.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon -
The comment u talking about is highly controversial and not a part of Valmiki's/ISKCON's Ramayana.

Hence, I choose to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Sitting on the fence is anyday SMARtER than hitting your head against a brick wall :)

Anonymous said...

@ All Talk..

Ramcharitmanas is the most popular Ramayan. I hope you would be aware that it is much more accepted than the Harry Porter Ramayan in which Sita's mirror image is abducted by Ravan. Infact Ramcharitmanas is preferred over Valmiki Ramayan too.

@ Anon..

Civilized discussion/debate is the fountainhead of a Democratic society. I dont remember, where I read this.

Anonymous said...

I did rather be not part of any democratic society / civilization / civilized debate which thinks that a man beating his wife is fine and you have people justifying it too.

Please continue with your civilized debate and let mortal people like me sit on the fence and have a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon..

It is better to be a fool with hopes (to change the world) than to be a genius with no hopes.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon 1 & 2 -
Am glad this first world, civilised debate by third world hooligans finally ended.