All Talk and No Action Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is an important day.

Nope - not any birthday/anniversary/Shaheed Divas.

Tomorrow - I am going to run.

Yes, run.

I have decided to participate in Mumbai Marathon (Dream Run) in January 2009.

I have always wanted to participate in the Marathon but somehow never got going. Earlier this year, a chance encounter with a Colleague based in London got me thinking.

Despite being an asthmatic and having met a near fatal accident - the lady ran for the London & Berlin Marathon.

If she with such broken ligaments yet soaring spirits could do it...Then I am sure, I with some inspiration and lots of will shall be able to do it too.

Since I am an ordinary mortal with no prior experience...I shall start preparations from now.

Abhi shuru kiya toh January tak 7 kms achhe se daud sakungi :)

The run shall be an exhilarating experience am sure. Lakhs on the street - huffing and puffing, running/walking for causes close to their hearts.

More than any of these, I shall be running to prove a point...

To myself.

All those interested can refer to It's a good storehouse of tips and the whole "how to" questions for first time runners.

Also, I invite suggestions and tips from all you guys out there...Am sure they shall be very useful for me.


piyela said...

Is it half marathon(21 km) or full marathon (42 km)... best of luck... I'm also hoping to run next year...lets see

piyela said...

also check this website,7122,s6-240-319-0-0,00.html

Mr BS said...

Hum bhale nahin rahenge..humari dua aapke saath rahegi..
vijayi-bhava ! :)

Feel free to ask for my EXPERT opinion, if required ;)

All Talk and No Action said...

@piyela -
Thank you. Am running for the Dream Run which is 7 kms only.

@bs -
Thank you.

Raindropz..!!! said...

gud thing pal... nd al the best. its always gr8 2 try new things

All Talk and No Action said...

@raindropz -

Thanks ! :)

Ye manzilen !! said...

Chalen apne DREAM ke liye koi to daudega.....hum samjhtaa tah ke deram sirf dekhne ke liye hote hain!

Milen phir......hum bhi ek aadh dream ke liye daudna chataa hoon...

Anil Lahoti said...

Hello movie review blog writer!
U wud run alone or with Yew or with bachcha party? Humn! ;)
I have not watched any movie these days (for some reasons & ;) without reason also) so dint read ur review..
I know u r famous blog writer par hum be-chaare be-blog walo ka khayaal karo..Are yaar thoda bahut zindagi ki philosophy pe bhi likho..
Thode tips etc bhi do..
Keep writing!
Keep healthy,fit & keep smiling!
Keep running..
Ok Mata
~Anil L

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anil -
Its sad that you haven't watched movies lately. Too bad as movies provide the much required respite to busy souls :)

For Marathon - I would be running with my colleagues and obviously with Yew ;)

Afa being a review writer is concerned - Either u r blind or plain ignore other other issues I discuss OR u like to irritate me...

I guess the 3rd reason is most relevant :)

worldthrumyeyes said...

I guess too late for best wishes :) so, how was it? U dint blog on ur experience running :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@worldthrumyeyes -
Thanks :)
Nothing to write about now...maybe once am well ahead into my preparation and as the D day approaches...