All Talk and No Action Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am afraid Anil shall win this argument.

Its seems am writing more movie reviews than most professional critics :D

But can't help it guys!

A few "Dildaar" friends have written loads of movies for me and other few always share their movies on pen drive.

Must say this is very beneficial - get to save money and watch world class cinema at home with Mom !

Ek teer se do nishaan ! :)

Anyway, watched "A Wednesday" today.

That the movie has stalwarts like Kher and Shah raised expectations sky high. Yet, nothing to worry about...the movie hits the jackpot for sure!

"A Wednesday" is a well crafted and a fast paced thriller !

From the word go - the viewer is entangled in the Chakravyu created on screen.

The movie is an addition to the "sleek and minimalist" bandwagon that has hit Bollywood recently.

Low budget, tight narration and commendable performances - this pot boiler packs in all and a LOT MORE !

The Climax is sure to raise lots of eyebrows and quite a few sighs !

An intelligent movie after quite some time ! I loved it so much that am ready to Forgive Kher for doing a "C Kkompany" !!

Anyway, I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for you - hence - go and watch it for yourself !

As IndiaUnbound would say - "Watch A Wednesday, Anyday !" :)


Richard said...

nice blog dude!! i did watch wednesday yesterday......its very good movie!! and thkz for visiting my blog and for putting ur valuable comments on my blog!!

me_manuj said...

the camera work on the terrace is by far the best...use of lights is extraordinarily sexy,...

All Talk and No Action said...

@Richard -

Yup Damn Good Movie !

@Manuj -
True...nice clean shots and fantastic editing too !

PsW said...

Finally watched this movie...
I liked it...
It's different, technically it's very good and the performances are just first-class!
Naseerudin Shah is brilliant !!

But somehow, while watching the movie I could guess most of the suspense / thrilling parts of the movie that unfolded... :)

Overall, a very good movie !!

All Talk and No Action said...

@psw -
I think the prob with you must have been that you would have already read too many reviews and hence made loses the charm if he knows the twists and turns...

Naseer sure was Fab - he mouthed a common man's concerns very well!