All Talk and No Action Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Starting your day with such bits can be very annoying.

No. I am not here to sympathize with the man or cry over the losses he met with.

I am rather angry with him for setting such a cowardly precedent for other equally troubled families.

I do empathize with all those whose families have been struck by this Financial Calamity across the globe. No one has come out unscathed. Thousands shall lose employment and many more shall get affected in the coming months.

Yet, suicide is NOT what we should condone.

I, personally, absolutely hate all those who believe in taking the easier way out.

This may sound harsh.

Yet, I have known no other way.

Both set of my grandparents came to India without a penny, leaving behind truckloads of wealth and emotional ties.

Both families went on to achieve formidable status and prosperity despite facing "The Great Depression", the blood bath during partition, a refugee status, facing the "Hindu growth rate", a bureaucratic and corrupt polity and A LOT MORE.

They started with zilch and added value to the society they stayed in.

Yet, in all my conversations with my Naani, not once did I ever find lack of will to live ! She rather spoke fondly of the days of misery - as they had granted the whole family with nerves of steel !

This very quality trickled down to my parents.

Having seen their share of ups and downs and yet not losing hope, optimism and the spirit to fight back - made them my idols.

No, I am not here to eulogize about my clan and their strengths, but only to make a simple point - Just Stay Put !

I have known many a families, some very close and some acquaintances - see through extremely dark times. Yet, they never gave up.

Some were strong, some managed with help. But manage they all did !

Giving up and not fighting for your place in society is not pardonable.

Had Mister Rajaram shared his woes with his family and personal confidantes - am sure he would have received support. If not financial, definitely emotional.

He could have sailed through all his problems in a few years…

He had no business snatching away so many innocent lives and nipping unfinished dreams...

When your principles seem to be demanding suicide, clearly it's time to check your premises.


Dhawal Shah said...

True very true just to sum up the author's thoughts, a wise man once said, 'Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem', that wise man was me. ;-)

Dhawal Shah

BS... said...

Well said..
Suicide is never the right thing to do...Doesn't matter if it's individually or killing the whole family..

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal -
Thanks for the quote mr wise man :)

@bs -
True. What's sad is that suicide tends to spread and trigger similar actions by others in a mess. Hope it doesn't happen to more people.