All Talk and No Action Friday, January 16, 2009

For the first time ever, I feel handicapped in my communication...

Some kids that I teach belong to Marathi medium schools.

A few have relocated from small villages and the only language that gets through them is Marathi.

I was good at writing and reading Marathi in school. Always felt good about my scores.

However, today, I am no longer proud of my crappy scores. What's the use if I can't converse in the language?

What's the use of being grammatically correct if there is no speech?

What's the use if I can't express, emote and laugh in the language?

Anyway, IF the only way to get through these lil kids is to chat in Marathi, I guess I shall get back to school.

Don't worry kids.

I shall re-learn the basics. Only for you.


Dhawal Shah said...

Mee khush aahet ki tumhala aapli bhashet sandarbh karnya sarkhi vatli.

Welcome to India.

I am glad you are now growing out of your comfort zone. Life is not a bed of roses.

I can think of a very apt example tht relates to your life Gautam Buddha, when Lord Buddha was born the astrologer told his parents (king-queen) that he will shun all the riches for spiritual persuits, his parents did not want that and so, they kept him in a kingdom which was only pomp and glory.

One fine day he saw a man die and saw the pain and suffering that his family went through. And then as we know rest is history.

I am sure you have woken up the Buddha in you. BTW, since you are learning Marathi, you could practice some conversation with me. I would also recommend tht you enrol for for some tutorials and also read Sakal newspaper.

All Talk and No Action said...

@DS -
I see you are making good use of Google's Language Tools :)

Comparing my situation with the great Buddha would be very rude to him...But yes, teaching has certainly opened my mind to a lot many things...

Livemocha did you say? Who suggested this wonderful resource to you? Pls tell me :)