All Talk and No Action Friday, January 23, 2009

I know, it's too late to be reviewing this movie since most of us have already had a peek at it.

Yet, for all the Lucky ones who haven't caught it yet - Do NOT waste your precious time on this mindless, slow, boring, outrageously stupid, senseless, soul-less, story-less bugger !!

I should have stuck to my oath of not watching a movie where-in a senseless wife can't figure out her hubby with and without a moustache !

Well, I was duped into believing that it was really a nice, sweet love story. A good, old fashioned sort that shall bring back the old world charm sooo missing from our lives...

Ufff....what a torture !

Definitely the most Boring movie of 2008 !

My recommendation - Aditya Chopra should watch Main, meri patni aur woh for some good lessons at crafting a simple, charming and believable love story.

May God Bless the Yashraj Banner.

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