All Talk and No Action Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sundays are the time when I take a chill pill...

I devour the whole newspaper since doing so is difficult during weekdays.

Today, there is a whole lot of news coverage on the Gen Y and it's "supposed" political awakening.

So many of us have gone ahead, taken pains to find out about our local area candidates, their performances, participation in Parliamentary Proceedings, criminal records, etc.

This is a fabulous development. No country can achieve and sustain democracy without such a participation from the youth.

However, voting in the Lok Sabha elections, on the basis of your local candidate is not what I support/believe in.

Your local candidate has the power to build a temple/mosque in your area, build a gym, keep the street clean, ensure continuous water supply and the likes.

However, does he have any say in the following -

  • Reservation in Educational Institutions (A resort to Divisive Politics)
  • Income Tax Slabs
  • Financial/Monetary Policy
  • International Relations (The most important being with China & Pakistan)
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Fair and quick Judicial proceedings
  • Zero Tolerance to Terrorism
  • AND A LOT MORE......

I hope, it is amply clear to us - our local area candidates should not dictate who comes to power at the Centre.

Your area candidate can be brought to power during Municipality/Vidhan Sabha elections.

For Lok Sabha, look at the party, it's manifesto, it's past performance and track record, it's commitment to economic and social development.

It's ability to make you feel safe and secure.

This is the best way to make a sane choice.

P.S. Voters' Registration has been extended up to March 30. Do go ahead and get yourself registered !


Anonymous said...

Hi MM,

I totally agree on the point that we shd choose the party and not the candidate for general election bcoz its not abt our locality..its abt our country and we should thing in broader perspective...

for that matter i think india should have all state and general election together so there is no tiff between state and central goverment ..bcoz in most of the cases we will have same party ruling at both the end...


BS.. said...

What do I do if a party X has a great manifesto etc but it has fielded a candidate Y who is tainted and has say 3-5 criminal charges against him?

Should I still vote for this candidate of this party?

Anonymous said...

@BS ...i think u shd vote for that party.... some times in life we have to sacrifice small things for bigger purpose....dats my opinion...

@MM... ur blogrolled....

india unbound said...

@ BS

I agree with All Talk.. and All Crap.

It would be better to vote for a candidate with a criminal record if we believe that his party is better than other parties.

We should always go with the lesser eveil.

For example, in my area say a Party X has given ticket to a very good person who had performed really good as an MP. But Party X believes in reservation in private sector jobs, esucational insttitutions, has not done major economic reforms, is soft on terrorism and has not done much on infrastructure.

Now there is also a Party Y which does not believe in reservation, is tough with national security and has proved themselves on governance, economic reforms and infrastructure. But this Party Y has given ticket to a criminal.

I would still vote for Party Y as it would be lesser of two evils.

For me parties' stand on issues like reservation, national security, economic policies are more important than whether my MP would construct a Gym or swimming pool in my locality.

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Thank you for yoour comment.

Having state and national elections on the same day is a great Idea. Infact it has been suggested earlier.

But research shows that people actually vote for 2 different parties for LS & Vidhan Sabha elections

@BS - Hope you have got your answer.

I agree with allcrap and India Unbound. One has to choose the lesser evil.

Cynicism would be fatal for the nation in such a case.

Anonymous said...

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