All Talk and No Action Saturday, April 18, 2009

The other day IndiaUnbound was thrilled after watching "Me Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy".

After he was done, he sms'ed all friends about this little known movie.

A week later the fire had caught on, the cash registers were ringing and this movie was enjoying a full house everywhere !

Now, the movie buff in me just couldn't stop from going for this one !

So, kal shaam, I went for "Me Shivaji..." with a friend. I did have my reservations as rumours about it being a rip-off of the Munnabhai series had been floating around.

Let me tell you two things -

  • It is NOTHING like the Munnabhai saga
  • After ages, a movie has made me feel that every little buck spent on it was worth it
I loved it.


I LOVED "Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy" !!!

Phewww....Let me tone down my excitement and thrill. The movie has had a domino effect :D

Ok -

The story - It showcases the life of an ordinary, middle-class Bhosale family. The Head of the family, DinkarRao Bhosale (superbly enacted by Sachin Khedekar) is a simple man haunted by his "Marathiness".

Day in and day out, he is bullied by various people and communities that have taken over Mumbai.

Ridiculed for being a "Ghaati" and a fakeer he is made fun of by everyone.

He is admonished for having dreams for himself and his family and is made to believe that he shouldn't aim for the stars.

Gadha Mazduri karo, pension khaao aur mar jaao.

Isse zyaada paane ki aukaat nahi hai tumhaari isliye umeed rakhna bekaar hai.

Ab apna hero bechara kab tak sehta? Andar hi andar ghut ta raha.

Finally, there is an emotional breakdown.

He feels ashamed of being a Marathi. He cries and laments the state in which Maharashtrians are in today.

Society has been un-fair to the community and how it has become the laughing stock everywhere !

Raj Thackeray would have felt proud at MNS and it's ideology being espoused by this movie.

Little would he have known ki Film ka asli hero toh kisi Fort mai baitha hai...

Aapla Shivaje Raje baba :)

Hero ki dard bhari cheekh Shivaji Maharaj ke kaan tak pahuchi. The movie then takes a pivotal turn.

Now, whether you are a Maharashtrian or not, whether you have been born and bred in Maharashtra all become insignificant.

You are bound to cheer on from this moment in the movie.

I would say it's a MUST watch for all communities.

The movie has a very strong message and is fast paced too. It very finely shows that -

"Believe in Yourself. You are your best friend an you alone are your worst enemy"

No lengthy monologues, no preaching.

Riveting performances by Sachin Khedekar and Mahesh Manjrekar.

Go For It !!


Ye manzilen !! said...

"Believe in Yourself. You are your best friend an you alone are your worst enemy"....

Tumhara blog padh ke kabhi kabhi "maja paisa wasool jhale che"...


Thanks....dekhtaa hoon.

allthecrap said...

have to check this out!!!!!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Ye Manzilen - Thank You for the compliment !!

Btw, yeh vakya mera nahi hai...

Bhagvad Gita se churaya hai :)

@allthecrap - Sure. Fab Watch.

Anonymous said...

मूज़े एक जानकारी दीजिए कि मराठी और हिन्दी मे टाइप करने केलिए कौनसी अच्छी टूल हे / रीसेंट्ली मैने यूज़र फ्रेंड्ली इंडियन लॅंग्वेज टाइपिंग टूल केलिए सर्च कर रहा ता, तो मूज़े मिला "क्विलपॅड"/
इस के बारे मे आप की राई क्या हे..?

BS.. said...

ek tar tula marathi nahin yet aani tu marathi fillum bhagayla geli..
geli tar geli aata tu thya fillum var lihtey pan??
tula kya laaj-lajja kaahin aahey ki nahin??

Laakhon shivaay baat naahin aani vada-pav shivaay kaahin khaat naahin!
Just like the movie you might not have understood (and hence would have loved the comment too:D) most of what is written above hence the translation below..
First of all you donno marathi and still u go and watch a marathi top it now you start commenting/reviewing it??Arent you ashamed of urself???
You truly are "all talk and no action??"

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anon- Aapke prashn ke liye shukriya. Par is maamle mai main aapki koi madad nahi kar sakti kyunki mujhe khud aise softwares ki jaankaari nahi :)

@BS - Marathi bolni toh aati nahi. Par samajh achhe se leti hoon.
Mujhe toh lagta hai sharam un logon ko aani chahiye jinhe marathi bolni aur samajhni aati hai par fir bhi yeh film na dekhi ho...

Deepak Iyer said...

Nice review.
I am still confused coz I have heard some claim it condones the ideology of the MNS while others claim it condemns it.

Looks like I have to see it for myself.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Deepak - Thanks for stopping by...

The movie is a good watch and I would rather you watch it...than disclose what it condones/condemns :)

Deepak Iyer said...

Unfortunately, I am not sure if it has been released in the US. So still scouting for some source to see it.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Deepak - I know...Mumbai mai hi market kam hai..toh wahan toh must be more difficult...But watching it on the big screen is quite an experience !