All Talk and No Action Saturday, May 9, 2009

She is the reason I am.

She made sure I was fed on time, my emotional needs were taken care of, my irritating questions were answered, my exasperating habits were corrected.

She made sure I did my home work on time, had my daily dose of studies, had lots of friends and a fun filled childhood.

She made sure that I had enough Birthday Parties and memories that would last a lifetime.

She was the one who washed and oiled my mane for all of my schooling life.

She was the reason I won all those cooking/drawing/home science/best student awards in school.

She was the one who always drew all those scary looking Biology/Chemistry diagrams for my school books.

She was the one who attended all school programs, PTA meetings and maintained records of my progress.

She was the one who made sure I woke up at 4.00 AM every morning during my Board Exams.

She was the one who called me at 03:30 AM IST just to make sure that I didn't wake up late on my very first morning in HK (I was alone you see, and I just can't wake up on Alarm Clock !)

She was the one who took me to Docs and for tests when I came down with Malaria, Jaundice, Typhoid, Chicken Pox and every other major illness I can remember.

She is the one I depend on while throwing parties at home.

She is a better friend of my friends than I am.

She knows my favourite colours.

She knows the kind of music and food I love.

She knows how I would re-act to a situation.

I am talking about all the myriad little things that she has done for me in all of my 24 years.

I can't even start talking about the heavy stuff - the emotional anchor, my strength, a storehouse of love and kindness.

She has given me un-diluted love and attention. Far more than I deserve. But I guess, she can't help it.

It's in her DNA. Infact, it's in the DNA of her kind.

You have one at your home too.

So will a quick fix, instant solution be sufficient to show your gratitude?

Can one day in a year be sufficient to show how much you love your Mother?

Leave alone one day, I think a whole lifetime is insufficient to express my love for the most important person in my life.

Let every day be a Mother's Day for you.

Also, if you do wish to give your mom a gift, then let it be Time.

No diamonds, shopping sprees, movie tickets, spa treatments will give her as much happiness as some quality moments spent with you.

P.S. - I don't know when Mother's Day is. Whether it has passed or it's coming up in the next Week. But I get irritated every time I read about "Make your mom feel special", "What to gift your Mom on Mother's Day"
. They make the relationship sound phony.

No stupid psychologist/journalist/relationship expert needs to tell me how to love my mom.

I hope it's the same with you.


Shweta said...

Nice post :-)
Mothers and daughter have a weird love and hate relationship, right? You love them no matter what.
Keep writing

P.S. Mother's Day is on 10th May, I think.

Anonymous said...

i agree....

ashkd said...

nice post.. :-) and pic to superb hai!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Shweta - True...Mothers and daughters have a Love-Hate relationship :)

Thanks for the info...TOI & Other papers were bombarded with Mother's Day articles yesterday :)

Thanks for stopping by !

@allthecrap - It feels sooo nice when someone just plain "agrees"...No arguments :P

@ashkd - Thank You ! :)

What's in a name? said...

waah waah waah....u write so well, aur thoda likhiti to aankh se aansoon aate... (:D)

P.S. Now that I see you on TOP (of a channe ka jhaad), HAPPY?

All Talk and No Action said...

@What's in a name - Yes Ji. Now that You have commented on my blog...mai roz raat chain ki neend so sakti hoon :)