All Talk and No Action Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ya. Breath-taking.

Yup. Mind Boggling too.

Oh My My...the First of it's kind !!

Oh yeah...Finally we join the Club too !!

What a saviour I tell you !

It's been a lonnng wait...But finally it's worth it !

Haan Bhai Haan. Upar likha hua sab sach hai. 100 percent sahi hai.

Bandra Wori Sea Link hai hi itni gazab ki cheez.

But why are we Indians so? Free ka maal dikha nahi ki toot padte hain apna share lene ?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I fail to find any logic in the argument that one should go and throttle the bridge till Sunday, after which one shall have to pay - OMG 50 Bucks?!

I would rather go after Sunday, pay 50 bucks and actually enjoy the 8 minutes ride, than go now, wait for 2 hours in traffic, blow up my petrol, pollute the environment, suffer from heart burn and curse the whole world.

Grow up India, Please Grow Up.

Pay and smile :)


allthecrap said...

hahah...welcome to india... :)

waise it must be mixed of free ride, ethu to see sea link, motorist were also allowed so....and 50 is too much in any case... :)

What's in a name? said...

I so agree with you on this...

OMG i agreed with your views...did the sun rise from west??? am I sleeping??? am I stoned??? NO NO NO.

But Miss MM i totally agree with you.

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Seriously ! :)

yes, it can be a LOT of other reasons. Not everyone might have gone for money purpose alone. But, jamming the link beats the whole purpose of having an 8 minute ride. Also, A lot of people I know actually went only because of 50 bucks. Really stupid reason :)

@What's in a name - :O
Aaj jaake mandir mai naariyal fodke aaungi!

You and I agree on something??? OMG !