All Talk and No Action Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fridays are fun time. They generally give me the liberty to watch two movies back to back !

Yesterday, I watched Road To Perdition, a movie I have been wanting to see for long now.

First things first. Paul Newman was a true hunk!! I plan to see more of his work.

Road to Perdition is a story set in the Chicago of 1930s and traces the lives of a Father and Son duo (superbly played by Tom Hanks & Tyler Hoechlin).

The movie revolves around various subjects - violence, morality, blood ties, loyalty and the primary one being, a parent and child relationship.

An upwardly cold, yet, an understated and undemonstrative love exists between Hanks & his son. The mutual respect and the silence between them speaks a lot about the various hues a father-son relationship can have.

This specially touched a chord.

A few other pluses about the movie are the minimal use of dialogues and a superb background score which complement every mood and sentiment.

The cinematography is fabulous and one is easily transported to the dark and sullen Winter of the 1930s !

Hollywood is good at making movies that are understated and don't think for you, instead allow you to think.

I prefer Cinema which allows you space to make whatever you want to of the story and the characters.

This one too has hues of gray and fits that genre very well.

Hanks as usual, still tops my most favourite Hollywood actor - an amazing performance !

*Image Courtesy - Flixray

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Stupidosaur said...

One day I'll watch it.