All Talk and No Action Sunday, October 4, 2009

I first visited Srinathji's, Lower Parel, about a year back.

Since, then, it has been one luscious affair with the place.

Srinathji's, is a chain of restaurants serving pure vegetarian food (International Vaishnav cuisine), sweets, farsan and delectable desserts across their Lower Parel, Ghatkopar, Mahim, Vashi and Belapur branches in Mumbai.

They are also coming up with a ~3000 sq. ft. eatery near In Orbit Mall, Malad.

Apart from this, they have signed up with Big Bazaar and every Big Bazaar in the country shall now don a Srinathji's bakery.

The owners, Shettys, are a very simple, humble lot, with a raging ambition to serve high quality, sumptuous and tongue tickling vegetarian food.

So what about Srinathji's is a major hit with people?

I would say, for me, definitely, definitely the Desserts and the Farsan.

Srinathji's has an amazing line up of about 400 recipes of cakes, pastries and fudges apart from yummy Desi Sweets. Their cakes' recipes have been contributed by a German Chef who is a follower of the ISKCON temple. Their date and walnut fudge just melts in your mouth !! I have got my colleagues addicted to the place too ! :-)

All the farsan is sold under the "Srinathji's" brand name and is a tad high priced. Yet, it is worth all the bucks since it is fresh and less oily.

Apart from this, Srinathji's serves Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian cuisines too, all, in their Indianised avtaars - Vegetarian and masaaledar.

What is commendable is that though the food served is Jain (for the un-initiated - food cooked without onion and garlic), yet it manages to taste wonderful !! (Most restaurants are unjust to Jain food and generally serve unpalatable stuff). Rarely have I had Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Paneer Tikka, Biryani, Sizzlers - which are tasty without the usual kanda, lasun.

Another positive is that the food does not leave you feeling greasy or listless. It is cooked in low fat oil/ghee and is cooked to the right degree with the right amount of masalas.

The overall ambiance is divine - literally, with the walls adorned with huge paintings depicting Lord Krsna and his childhood pass times.

Though the places (Lower Parel & Ghatkopar) are a little low on space - they make up for it with good service and knowledgeable staff.

I highly recommend Srinathji's to one and all for it's mouth-watering, top-notch delights.

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