All Talk and No Action Sunday, November 8, 2009

After reading this and this and listening to heaps of praises being showered on Ranbir by cousins, friends and other ladies, I got really curious about "the next Andaz Apna Apna".

Now, being called the next AAA is quite something in itself. Personally, I think no movie will ever hold any candle/tube light/lamp to AAA.

However, knowing Santoshi and his craftsmanship, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try this one out.

Also, this was going to be my first watch at Ranbir Kapoor. I hadn't watched any of his movies until now.

Small Town guy meets an equally sweet and simple small town girl and how, through various twists and turns, goof ups and heartburns, manages to win the lady - this loosely forms the story.

In between we have other sidekicks who have been included to add to the fun quotient of the movie.

I must add - Ranbir Kapoor is likeable and funny. It won't be wrong to say that the burden of making this moronic flick work falls squarely on his shoulders.

Having said this, everything else goes downhill from here.

Apart from a few laughs and sweet moments, Ajab Prem has very little to offer in terms of content and originality.

Everything, from the small town, which very much resembles that of Mohabbatein and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa to goons that have been transported directly from Santoshi's AAA, Ajab... doesn't have anything to call it's own.

The biggest fault with the movie lies in various references to Andaz Apna Apna, Amar Akbar Anthony and other equally famous movies. This interrupts the naration and makes the viewer go back to those lovely classics, forgetting what's playing onscreen.

Performance wise, Katrina does a fairly good job of playing a wide-eyed, child-woman and looks the part too.

Everybody else is over the top and forgettable.

The trophy, however, goes to Upen Patel - a miscast and who has applied every trick in the book to get on the audiences' nerves.

The music would be forgettable too, save for, Tera Hone Laga Hoon and Tu Jaane Na.

I wouldn't recommend this waste of time, money and energy to anyone.

However, I do think that the movie will rake in decent moolah - anything remotely comic with a candy floss romance should work in these hard times.


Oh ya, do stop falling for stupid Khalid Mohamed. He has lost it.


ashkd said...

hehe.. i could never believe that AAA can be repeated ever.. they had funny events with the perfect innocent touches..

I also havent watched any of Ranbir kapoor but with all the promos i have seen and the award ceremony anchoring where he and Imran had replaced Said and SRK this time, he was quite good. according to me, he can have versatility in the future as he has chocolaty face, humor looks good in his eyes, immaturity of a young man is also there plus he can be serious at times with the stubble like Saif does for serious roles (ex: Race; Ek hasina thi). So i do believe that he is the next big male actor of the future.. :-)

you can be a good movie-critic.. start pursuing.. hehehe.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Absolutely Right. AAA is a perfect mix of Kameenapan and Innocence :-)

Ranbir was good in APKGK. However, I don't find him to be as handsome and endearing as most people do. I would wait before calling him the next best kid on the block :-)

I don't know about movies, but I can be a good critic :P

Anonymous said...

Well I watch movies after reading mayank shekhar's review (currently HT prev was MM) and he gave this movie single star and rajeev masand 2.5 so I cant watch this anyways and ur review supporting my decision as well...but ppl I know have liked the movie..specially gals....and you don't find ranbir cute?..your the only gal ..i guess...:)

nice post!!!

and ye AAA was best and will remain so.. :)


Ravan said...

hey ya... totally agreed wid you...

even I went to watch it thanks to the same AAA review but APKGK did not leave upto the expectation.

Maybe, Maybe if I had gone without seeing reviews then maybe I might have liked it, as I had not expectation.

You are a good movie critic, keep up the good work.

Hi, I am first time here, just drifted along the wave of followers from multiple blogs, if you are interested in Humour, You can visit mine


All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - I know, I should have looked for Masand's & Shekhar's reviews. But MM was smart not to have Shekhar review this one. They had Minty Tejpal singing glories about this one. Stupid me, fell for it.

About Ranbir - Nope, I don't find him cute :-)

@Ravan - Thanks for stopping by. Even if I hadn't read the reviews, the movie wouldn't have clicked - it had nothing original.

Will check out your blog.

Btw, just curious, are you called Ravan? As in like Ravan of the Ramayana?

Anonymous said...

Shekhar left MM, His editor of Ht cafe now...khalid kicked out.. :)