All Talk and No Action Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yes, another review. However, a short one !

Being a late lateef, most friends thought I was a fool for not having watched THE Prestige !

Most, being Nolan fans, had painted an amazing picture of this one.

Obviously, the expectations were sky high from this one.

The Prestige, set in the Victorian Era, is a story of two Magicians, who start out as friends, but end up as enemies, due to a magic trick gone awfully wrong.

From then on, it is an endless drama of one-upmanship and revenge.

The movie uses the classic Nolan technique of a complicated narrative meshed with flashbacks at various intervals and clues to be used for later.

An intelligent, but a dark movie, full of twists and turns with gray characters, none of which one can sympathize with.

A spectacular look at an era gone by and a sleek peek at a Magician's life.

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are impressive and play their parts with believable kameenapan, though, my favourite is Michael Caine, as Cutter, the wise Old man.

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ARJuna said...

I agree The Prestige is one of my ultimate favourites.
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