All Talk and No Action Sunday, November 22, 2009

This isn't a review of Jab We Met. It's way too late for that.

Last night, JWM, was again being featured on a movie channel.

And I, yet again, sat down to watch it !

I think this is the only movie after Andaz Apna Apna and Swades that I might have watched for God knows how many times.

My fixation with the movie is a source of irritation for people at home.

Faaltu ladki, zindagi mai koi kaam nahi bacha kya ki fir se yehi movie dekh rahi hai...? is often muttered by my brother.

So, I will try to dissect what it is about the movie that I can't get enough of it.

I remember watching JWM while in HK. My brother and cousin had watched it in India and thought it was a good time paas and could be enjoyed for its sweet moments.

Even though they recommended it, I wasn't very keen to watch it, primarily because it had two of the most irritating actors of that time ! Yeah, I thought Shahid & Kareena were an irritating couple.

Two factors, Imitiaz Ali and Shahid & Kareena's separation, led me to watch the movie.

Since then, every time I watch the movie, I come back with a new discovery, a nuance missed while watching it on previous occasions.

I love the movie because of :

  • The love story. It is not your girl meets boy routine. It's your girl "in love" meets the boy "lost in the battle of love". The most appealing part of the story is that both, Aditya and Geet, do not set out to impress and patau each other. That they see each other with their inherent differences of opinion and yet fall in love is what makes the movie click for me. Both have certain notions of their "perfect" match and yet come to like and respect each other is endearing. Neither character sets out to "change" the other. Accepting each other as they are is what makes JWM a gem. Obviously, that love can be found in the least expected of times and places also makes it a worthwhile watch
  • The friendship. That Aditya and Geet start out as friends makes the story more rooted
  • The dialogues. The "no frills" and simple dialogues make it easy to connect with the characters. No flowery words, no "chaand taare tod laaunga", no zor zabardasti. In fact, nowhere in the movie does Aditya profess his love to Geet. The undercurrents of romance are what make JWM an exciting experience
  • The performances. I was surprised to watch Kareena and Shahid come up with such a spectacular act, despite undergoing their break up pangs while the movie was being shot !
  • Aditya. Shahid Kapoor. No doubt that Kareena brought a new life and meaning to the Sardarni's role. The naive and talkative girl from Bhatinda was an instant hit. Yet, Geet is incomplete without Aditya. I was floored by Shahid, in what I can safely call his best performance till date. He has never looked so handsome, smart, sharp, melancholic, cynical, innocent, brave, wise and playful ! I felt bad when Kareena walked away with all accolades for the movie. Shahid deserved an equal treatment
  • The "Kutte, Kameene, Keede ki maut marega, Teri Maa Ki...!" scene which remains my favourite till date
  • The Chota Sardar who runs to Dadaji every time Geet does anything worth some masala. Such a Chuglikhor bachha !
  • The Dada ji who is always ready with "I told you so"... "Hamari umar mai..." dialogues. Just how much fun can it be to have such a Dada Ji around !
  • The jerk boyfriend, Anshuman. Remember the scene... "Yeh Launde mujhe Ganne ke Khet dikhana chahte hain...Kyun dekhun mai ganne ke khet, kya hai ganne ke khet main? Nahi dekhne mujhe yeh Ganne ke khet !!" Just how could any girl fall for such an idiot? :D
  • The "aa aa aa aa" in the song Tum Se Hi
  • The lyrics of Tum Se Hi
  • The snow of Shimla/Manali combined in Yeh Ishq Hai
  • The authentic use of a Washing Machine in the song Mauja Hi Mauja. Yes, if you observe closely, the Lassi being served to guests is being churned in a washing machine ! This is what is actually done in rural India and Punjab, specifically
  • Hotel Decent
  • A clean romantic comedy which one can watch anytime one wishes to
I could go on and on.

The point is, JWM might not be the first of it's kind in the romantic genre.

It is definitely the first of it's kind in being a nice, frothy, authentically made and an understated romantic comedy.


Ravan said...

hmmm.... i never knew the movie was so deep...:o

i never researched so much for my college project...:P

good going,

Anonymous said...

Its the kind of movie for which liking grows with time...
First time I saw this movie...I thought it was decent movie...but as i saw more of it, I loved it....
We can safely assume it was cult romantic movie for next generation...ours was DDLJ i guess :D

my fav are :
"Me apni favourite hu"
"mujhe bachpan se hi shaadi karni ka bada shok hai"
"ab to haath chod do. itni bhi sunder nahi hu me"(specially the way kareena says this one)


Jai Jeswani said...

I am in love with this movie......I became a fan of Shahid Kapoor after watching this movie.. such brilliant performance..

All Talk and No Action said...

@Ravan - Really, even I hadn't expected it to be so "deep". But ya, it is a good one na? :)
Don't worry about projects. Even I didn't work as hard on them...Movies are worth a LOT more..hence the analysis.

@allthecrap - You bet ! the movie just grows on you. Btw, what do you mean DDLJ was our generation?? I think we were only 10 right?? Or do you mean "our" generation is already "old" ?? :0
Yes, all of Kareena's dialogues are fab.

@Jai - Yes, even I really noticed Shahid only after JWM. Very, very good performance.

What's in a name? said...

yes its a good time pass movie...though its romantic, but still not the hanky panky kinda movie...n of course, Kareena looked great and was awesome in the movie...

All Talk and No Action said...

@What's in a name - Yes, Kareena has never looked so beautiful. Neither has Shahid looked so handsome !

Voices within me said...

i too can watch the movie as many times... and best part is every weekend it is there somewhere or the other... its the first ever movie jiske dialogues mujhe ... u know "MUJHE" yaad hai...

All Talk and No Action said...

@voices within me - Haha. Ya, if you remember the dialogues, it realllly means that the movie must be a blockbuster :)

eatpraylovemovies said...

-- "In fact, nowhere in the movie does Aditya profess his love to Geet."
I particularly noticed that and loved the's just so obvious on his face...

-- Geet's stream of expletives is hillllarious...

You review made me relive the film again. Great review!

And yes, I too can watch it any number of times :)


punita said...

i lovve this movie and shahid too ..kareena bhi cute hai ..but after she broked up with shahid ..i dnt really zare for her now ..u knw my papa promised me to that hel get me married to a guy like shahid ..hel try his best to find sucha gem ..
(: <3