All Talk and No Action Friday, December 11, 2009

Please don't kill me for writing yet another review.

Normal blogging should be back in a while.

For now, I really have to spread the word for Harpreet Singh Bedi, errr.... apna Rocket Singh Yaar !

Yashraj isn't paying me for this. Heck, I had developed a strong dislike for the kind of cinema they were churning out.

But after a long time, I saw a movie that I could discuss long after the credits had rolled.

Don't get fooled with the title. The movie is about a salesman and more.

Apna Harpreet puttar is a "just pass" fresher who, for lack of greener pastures, joins a Computer Firm as a Salesman.

CAT mai toh baithne se raha. Baap Dada ke paas zyada daulat bhi nahi. Toh Chalo Ji, Sales kar lete hain.

He brings excitement, idealism and a naivete to the workplace. As expected from a novice.

So far so sweet.

But just how far can an eager, hardworking and idealistic guy really get?

Are the values he brings to the table enough to survive in the The Big Bad World of Sales?

Will the duffer who hates numbers survive in a game that thrives on daily graphs and charts?

That's really for you to find out.

I will only tell you what you should expect from this package -

  • A fresh look, an unexplored plot
  • Crisp writing. Killer dialogues. Jaideep Sahni keeps up the great work !
  • Great Humour
  • Finely sketched characters
  • Tight editing
  • Amazing performances from an ensemble cast
Ranbir, I must admit, I have always avoided his movies. Maybe sub-consciously I have always compared him with his illustrious father.

I eat my words. The guy is definitely on to bigger things. Perfect hai.

I won't say the movie will dramatically increase your respect for sales people. It doesn't have such noble intentions.

It will however, make you look at mundane things, often overlooked, in a new light.

It may not tell you what is right or wrong, but might just help you to take that leap of faith.

A feel good movie that will fill you with smiles and then, some thoughts.

My Thumbs Up to this lovely movie.

Waise, First Day First Show movie dekhna ke mazaa hi alag hai. And if it's a flick like Rocket Singh... Tab toh Sone Pe Suhaga ho jaaye.

Go Rocket Go !


ashkd said...

i saw your status message about half an hour back and i was expecting the review to come soon.. :-)

So salesman ke product ko aapne haathon haath khareed liya.. :P

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Ji Bilkul ! Product avon quality ka hai...aap bhi try kijiye :)

india unbound said...

One of the best movies in recent times....

Mansi said...

Nice to see there are people who appreciate it too...
I thought Rocket Singh... was an honest effort and turned out pretty well :)