All Talk and No Action Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have had a chance to watch three of Majid Majidi's movies.

Children of Heaven, Color of Paradise and Baran.

Each, a masterpiece.

Very few directors can take mundane, everyday issues and turn them into meaningful cinema. Majid is very well versed with this.

Children of Heaven essentially is about a pair of lost shoes and the heartburn it brings to a little bro-sis duo.
Color of Paradise on the other hand, traces the life of Mohammed, a blind child.
Baran takes a look at a budding love story set in a war ravaged Afghanistan/Iran.

Now, really about Children. It's about innocence and kiddy issues, family love and sacrifice. again truly about a blind boy. It's not heroic nor does it offer any wisdom on how to deal with such a life. Baran is a soft love story, without a word spoken between the protagonists. It's not sleaze that we are fed by Bollywood every year.

I don't think Majid makes movies to preach. He does take up important issues, yet, tweaks them in ways that don't seem overtly academic. In fact, if you don't like to think, the issue might just not surface for you.

What also comes across is the fact that his stories are set, not in New York or Switzerland. He doesn't take much help from our so called "Modern day" technology or film craft. And there are just no eye candy protagonists.

Yet, each of his movies, stands out, for it's unkempt and raw beauty, plot, lovable performances and tender moments.

I could use more adjectives like Pure, Divine, Serene and Delicate. You get the point ?

It is difficult to make movies that are innocent, hopeful and yet heart breaking. Most movie makers mess it up with too much melodrama or an overdose of cynicism.

But Not Majid.

He dishes out fine movies, with heart tugging performances and lots of fodder for thought.

Having said this, let me also warn you, that his style of story telling might not satiate you.

You may want to see the characters smile and rejoice. And mostly, things do end up on a satisfactory note.

Yet, as an audience, you always feel the need for more.

Majid just doesn't give you the pleasure of a closure.

This very quality of film making, makes me love and hate his style at the same time.

I highly recommend Majid Majidi to one and all.

Do let me know if you have had a chance to watch any of his movies. Discussing the nuances of his style of film making would make me happy.

P.S. - If you don't choke/cry while watching his movies, please get back to me. I will refer you to a counsellor.


Anonymous said...

since a long time I wanna watch 'Children of Heaven' hopefully I will someday.

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Go ahead and watch all of this Director's won't regret.