All Talk and No Action Saturday, January 30, 2010

A wayward girl. Pent up anger. A mercurial take on life. Takes refuge in 30 day relationships.

A painfully quiet woman. Loses herself often in her past. Takes refuge in Lord Krsna.

A horrible, murky past connects one to the other.

A past one could die to forget and another would want to keep alive, only if to rub the pain in.

30 days in September is a gripping drama that deals with incest.

Amazing performances and incisive writing by Mahesh Dattani.

For once, I liked the Dubey ladies too.

It's strange. This incest.

I remember my very first reaction when I read about it in a popular Danielle Steel book - Malice.

First few pages into the book and I felt violated. Could this really be happening or had Danielle gone berserk? A dad ??

The book had scared me enough to be put away.

I went to it only after I had sorted my thoughts.

That was about 6 years back.

Things haven't changed much. Our society still turns a blind eye to incest. Heck, India doesn't even have a law that deems it as crime.

Most victims are scarred for life and live in the shadows forever.

Families do not step up. Shame, guilt, family honour take precedence over the dignity and violation of a child.

It's not like incest doesn't happen elsewhere. Yet, in some countries, like ours, the stigma is probably tougher to get over.

I came across Harish Iyer's moving tale. One can only respect the man. But, again, not every person can be a Harish.

So I can only hope that such stories are spoken and written about more.

Anything, to keep our children safe and our society sensitive.

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