All Talk and No Action Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't believe much in New Year Resolutions.

But I did promise myself that 2010 would definitely mean more traveling and quality time off.

So starting tomorrow, I am off for two weeks.

While I am gone, a lot will have changed.

A cousin would have got engaged, a friend would mostly have got through a top tier B school while another would have landed a comfy job. And a fourth will most definitely have cracked the 'Teach for India' interview.

Holi will have splashed by without celebrations, since I wouldn't be there to force people out to play.

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge and Karthik Calling Karthik will miss a front seater and the publicity this blog provides.

Most important, I will not know what scares the Finance Minister will have up his sleeve , this time around.

But all that can wait.

Wish you all a very Happy & Colorful Holi.


Anonymous said...

So before you go missing.. :) where are you goin? delhi? to help the fin ministry? just a guess :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - I think the country needs help against the Fin Ministry :)

I am going to Igatpuri for a Vipassana Workshop.

Devil Incarnate... said...

:) Have a blast...... njoy the holidays dear..... i am sure by the time u come back.. there wil b loads of changes........ 4 gud :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh sounds cool...I hope you get up at 4.30 in the morning ..wish you a healthy holidays :) - Explore Indian blogs said...

Wish you also happy holi...

Anonymous said...

Playing Holi with Shreeji

In Nathdwara, ShreeNathji plays holi for an entire month. This is in the month of Falgun.
This year we were lucky enough to be present there for two days during this colourful month. It was also the 14th February – in our world known as Valentine’s Day which we humans celebrate as a day to express our love for our loved ones; a day to be in the company and presence of those whom we love and care for.

Shreeji understood this meaning from gurushree and Shreeji invited us there, to be present with Him on this fantastic divine day. He wished us to be there for Valentine day, in His Presence and celebrate it by playing holi with Him at Nathdwara. It was like ‘Sone pe suhaga’ (Double anand). What better way to celebrate Valentines’ and holi together with the Almighty? My entire love and devotions are there for Him thanking Him for his Kripa and Grace. How lucky could I be? I received the best of darshans and just stood there in His Sanmukh; feeling Shreeji’s Love as I was drenched with His vibrations; it is a very pure and sublime moment, nothing eles is remembered; it is me and Shreeji playing holi and the rest of the world disappears for those few minutes.
It is in the Rajbhog Darshan that Shreeji plays holi.

Abil and Gulal colors are played with ShreejiBaba, and then as a prasad with the devotees. For me this was a second experience, to be able to be in His Presence for holi - Shreeji Baba was there, in full white dress, (He adornes a white Paushak all through the entire month) and the ‘Mukhiyajee is the lucky one who gets to touch ShreejiBaba. He with his ‘Surya’ finger first touches ShreejiBaba with ‘kesuda’ water, slowly and gently, and his ‘bhao’ can be seen and felt – first on the forehead – Ajna (forehead) chakra – then Anahita (heart) chakra, and then all over, on the ‘Pichvai’ also. All through, the tenderness with which he touches ShreejiBaba is visible, trying best not to cause any disturbance to the high powers there.

We also were lucky to be sprinkled with color as a ‘Prasadi’ from ShreejiBaba. The mukhiyaji carries the divine vibrations from the touch of Shreeji, and sprinkles them on all the devotees through the colours, who are lucky to be present for darshans. It is a very transcendental moment when the colours cover us with the touch of Shreeji.
This entire darshan takes nearly 30 minutes. One should not run away thinking about the clothes; in fact this drenching with colours in Shreeji’s court, within His Purest vibrations is one of the easiest way to enter higher purity. Shreeji Himself plays colours for an entire month, so that all bhakts can awail of His purifying Blessings. We do not shake off the sacred colours; it is collected in a packet to be distributed as Shreeji’s Blessings to close family.
After this is the ‘Aarti’.

The next day the 15th was gurushree’s birthday by tithi , according to the Hindu calender– It was Shree Hari Jayanti; Rohini Nakshatra, Maha Sud Naum. It is the second time that I have been able to enjoy these holi darshans at Nathdwara. The first time was in February 2005 which was also gurushree’s birthday by tithi; according to the Hindu calendar – it was the 17th; Rohini Nakshatra, Maha Sud Naum.

Dhawal SHah