All Talk and No Action Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My post supporting SRK in his stand against the Sena did not go down very well with a certain ssection of friends.

Use your little brain, be logical, don't base your opinion on emotions.

Don't bash Sena only because it is a fashionable thing to do.

Choose your cause well, and so it went.

So through this post I attempt to explain my stand.

Srk doesn't mean anything to me. Neither do I find much logic in Sena's existence. That the Sena is required to nullify MNS also doesn't hold much water. If the whole point of your existence is so that someone else ceases to exist, I do not deem it a worthy existence.

Now why then did I support SRK?

The only reason is he had galls to stand up against gundas.

Personally, I am happy with Pakistani players not being selected for IPL. Really. I can't play with them when my brethren are dying at the border or in local trains.

However, if SRK as a business owner feels that his team requires certain talent from across the border, who am I to encroach upon his rights? And just how does patriotism come into play here?

Now, I fill my days with Atif Aslam's voice, Dhoop Kinaare and laughterr at Omar Shareef's jokes. Does that make me a lesser Indian?? If I visit Sindh and hail its Sufi saints, will that make me a traitor?

I also hold many a grouse against China and its policies towards India. But will that stop me from doing business with the Chinese?

What I am against, is jingoism of any kind.

Sena's holier than thou attitude has gone way too far and needs to be nipped before it takes Bombay back to the medieval ages.

About aman ki asha - I think only TOI could come up with something so stupid. Lesser written about on this blog, better for the blogs health.


allthecrap said...

When did you wrote a post supporting SRK? and I wonder there are ppl who supports sena...they are gundas. Bal, udhav and raj..the 3 idiots.

And I don't think aman ki asha is a bad initiative, at all. (and ppl are bashing it because its a fashionable thing to do)

allthecrap said...

When did you write a post supporting SRK? and I wonder there are ppl who supports sena...they are gundas. Bal, udhav and raj..the 3 idiots.

And I don't think aman ki asha is a bad initiative, at all. (and ppl are bashing it because its a fashionable thing to do)

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - in my post on best reads for the week, i had discussed an article which showed srk standing up against sena.

About aman ki asha, it is stupid. all our talks about aman are in vain if not backed by action. I haven't seen concrete actions. People still die, infiltration still happens and we still suffer.

ashkd said...

I also donot think that 'Aman ki Asha' has any problem.. First of all its 'Asha'.. moreover its from media which does have different responsibility in the entire thick of actions.. Just like every manager doesnt decide the POA for the company, media doesnt decide the path to follow.. it can give message and they are quite ok to transfer things.. if i write something on my blog for some cause that does mean that i am contributing for the action.. not necessarily its being done by other authorities as well..

For IPL players, i think if a person does extremely bad to you and his/her father had been very close to you always, you would be happy to call the father for a function and disallowing the person totally.. i think its perfectly right in action..

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - if the media is really interested in doing its bit, it should talk about the main problem, a problem since the past 6 decades.

I doubt having singers, writers, performers, having amitabh read his father's poetry will solve Kashmir.

Historically, Indians have had this problem of beating around the bush. Closing your eyes or living in denial will not make the problem go away.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

well frankly speaking...this issue was blown out of proportion by the congress..

the sena has been farting since last 20 years, but only when they slapped Rahul Gandhi, the congress decided that they should act, forgetting that they poke a snake basket the snakes will bite...

and so, thanks to this stupid handling of such stupid issue, mumbai will burn.

ashkd said...

I do not think Kashmir can have any solution.. as we think from our point of view with which we are built.. they think in their point of view with which they are built by the older generation.. you cant dig out the people from 2 generations older to solve the problem.. Kashmir is not solvable.. if it is give me your solution which can be agreed upon by both the nations.. i think saying solution is very easy..

ashkd said...

Moreover Media has never the responsibility to say their story.. they have the responsibility of showing facts.. they cant take decisions..

And Aman ki Asha only wants Aman which is quite natural by some people to ask for.. if some people ask in USA that Iraq or Afganistan should not be attacked so ruthlessly, they are free and right to do that.. same for Aman ki Asha..

I guess you are being political here.. another field to pursue.. :P

india unbound said...

I guess most people including the blogger are not aware of why SRK is being opposed. He said,“Pakistan is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours. Let us love each other. Let me be honest. My family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family is from there," He even said that the youth should avoid all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians.

A very good article on the topic here

Devil Incarnate... said...

I still cant understnd the big fezz abt pakistani players being played in india. If they can participate in our cultural activities, then Y not cricket? I remember ppl watching cricket just coz its India-pak, i loved to see india winning, bt i also loved seeing pakistani players having a friendly talk atleast on field... Some idiotic politicians, just for the sake to be on lime light hav started all these things..

C'mon this is India dear, We have the right to talk....!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Siddesh - True, one way of looking at it is also the publicity each party generates. Few weeks down the line, it would be back to business.

@ashkd - 100, nope, even 50 years back, it was difficult to envision a Black US President. Today, we have one.
I do not think Kashmir is a lost cause. We just need to think more and act too ! Mere wordplay and power politics
will not help here. For starters, I really think doing away with Article 370 would be a much needed step in that direction

My only problem with Aman Ki Asha is that it dwells only on mushy topics and romanticism. What we face here is religious
fanaticism, terrorism & nuclear threat.

@india unbound - Good to keep oneself abreast with latest news bytes. Foolish to assume that others dont do so.
Let me also say, I feel affinity towards Sindh and its people. I wish to visit the place some day. I do not know if that is possible though.
So now do I become less patriotic?
I also feel terrible when innocents are killed in Karachi and elsewhere, mainly because I have experienced the pain. Again, does my sympathy make me anti India?
Again, painting the whole of Pak as militant is like calling every Hindu a supporter of untouchability and Sati.

Lets see - there are various factors at play here.

Pakistan and IPL - Though I don't think the whole of the nation is responsible for terrorism in India, I do think they need to show more action.
About Pakistani Politics, its a jungle. Lesser said, the better.
We did not invite Pak in IPL in 2009 due to 26/11. Not much has been done in this regard by the Pak Govt. Hence I again support not inviting them for 2010 league.

SRK - I see his comments as a mix of publicity and romanticism. Everything said, I still wont go to lengths and question his patriotism.

Shiv Sena - A stupid organisation. When people die of hunger, when there is widespread illiteracy, all, this party can think of is, crying hoarse over an equally stupid Celeb's remarks.

Ok, so today is Mahashivratri, a public holiday. Ideally a brilliant opportunity for the economy.
But thanks to Sena, lots of theatres in Mumbai have decided not to screen MNIK. Not just theatres, but small shops including grocery stores, barbers, etc. have decided to remain shut. across many areas, including mine, only pharmacies were "allowed" to keep open. So how much did Mumbai's economy lose today?

Not just this, the prime function of the police force today is to protect SRK, Kajol, KJo, theatres and the Thackerays. Yeah, so today is a fertile day for crime in the city. All small and big time goons, if smart, will have a field day today.

So now you tell me, who is the real loser here? The common man.

@DI - Nice to hear from you. As much as I dislike the Sena, I do think politics and sports and even cultural exchanges are inter-linked.
I just cannot be my normal jovial self and have cultural festivals when I spend billions protecting India against the very same nation.

india unbound said...


I have no connection with Pak but would still like to visit that country.

But there is a big difference in saying that I would like to visit Pakistan and that Pak is a great neighbor or Pak and India keep accusing each other of terrorism so youngsters should not listen to their politicians.

All Talk and No Action said...

@India Unbound - I actually support SRK here. I don't trust most politicians of today :)

india unbound said...


So u believe that Pak accusing India of terrorism is as credible as India accusing Pak of spreading terror in India?

All Talk and No Action said...

@Now don't take it that far mister.

Vikas Singh said...
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india unbound said...


SRK said that India and Pak keep accusing each other of terrorism so the youth should not trust their politicians and you said I actually support SRK here. I don't trust most politicians of today :) and that's why I asked whether you actually believe that Pak accusing India of terrorism is as credible as India accusing Pak of spreading terror in India?

ashkd said...

I also do not trust politicians but Kashmir issue is much deeper than the politics.. if one day we decide to make it a point to have Kashmir with us, what would we do with POK?? and how are we going to implement it? Iraq or Afghanistan attack kind of things have got many many many US soldiers also killed.. still is there any solution of these countries?? No.. so give me the approach.. the thing that you talked is also very much romantic and imaginary.. For solutions, it would be illogical..

Aman ki Asha is mushy as it had to be mushy.. as it defines the emotions of the people of two countries who want to meet, sing, dance, talk, see cultures of each others and they donot want that the terrorism done by a handful of people should affect their likeness to share so many things.. Its a message that within the boundary of being Patriotic we want that the law of two countries or hatred of two countries should not hinder the cultural, social transfer of two nations.. perfectly right i guess.. i guess you yourself are killing the prospects of your future generation to admire creations of Pakistan people, howsoever good those be..

Moreover, i found the statements of yours more emotional and mushy without thinking logically 'how' you are going to do this.. if 'you' cant think of 'how's do not blame it to anyone..

K10 Keni said...
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K10 Keni said...

When it comes to sports...Politics must be kept aside..India-Pakistan will always be a emotional issue for both countries. Personally I am happy that NO PAKI is involved in IPL 2010. I do not blame Pakistani players the way they have reacted but a little surprised why sohail tanvir made that comment on a TV show.
As a sportsman I am very much disappointed but as a INDIAN i am happy that No Paki is involved. To add to the comment
Its not the pakistani players mistake. Their country has failed to stop the terrorism. Please check the link (
AMAN KI AASHA is S**t..They ARE DEMANDING JnK....and TOI AMAN KI AASHA....My foot...
---All said but the bottom line is It is not the pakistani players mistake, But Those who are murdered by the Terrorists Its not their mistake too

allthecrap said...


Well when you say "I think only TOI could come up with something so stupid" U were commenting on the quality of news they produce, I believe..because last 2 initiatives(lead India and teach india) by Times has been excellent and innovative. You should not mix their news reporting with initiative they have taken.

And as ashkd rightly said..its about hope and belief that we will have AMAN some day...well even if I ask you you would say you would like to have peace.

And the genesis of aman ki asha is the assumption that few ppl are bad across the border(unfortunately they are in the control ) and not all. We have to understand the fact that the generations have been fed the anti-india crap it will take time..and we need patience and peace talk is the only way out....and not talking will not lead to any solution whatsoever

K10 Keni said...

Adding to allthecrap's comments
God knows how many peace talks are done between India-Pak, but what happens. Here Aman ki asha is going on and there CEASE FIRE going on in Poonch dist. of JnK. 15 rockets are fired at Indian posts yesterday and continous firing is going on and you want peace talks. Remember the Delhi-Lahore Bus which was started on 18 Feb 1999, was suppose to have normalised relations between India and Pakistan bt soon the KARGIL WAR BEGAN. They took advantage of our friendship and you say the talks should continue...

allthecrap said...

@K10 Fine sir..u r saying all things failed so we shd just guard our fort and do nothing abt it because we cant bomb them and we don't want peace talk as well...

We all can blame that these solution are bad but at least come up with a solution sir...whats the solution or way out?

And I will re-iterate the fact that it just hope of optimism that tomm will be better....I will always support optimist instead of supporting pessimists (who have no solution but just doubts)

All Talk and No Action said...

@ashkd - Yes, Kashmir is complex. Hence, I stated that we should start with Article 370. That definitely isn't a romantic soluntion, rather a practical one which can help do away the disenchatment between the people.

@allthecrap - TOI's Lead India wasn't a success, afa I am concerned. I think that was just so that the media could get something to fill their pages. About Teach India, I agree whole heartedly - it's been a boon.
I don't think people who want sterner steps are pessimists. All of us want peace. Yet, we are also being realistic. A normal citizen doesn't have it in her to solve Kashmir. The steps have to come from the Govts. of both the nations. Time and again, we have known that the Pakistani military is involved in anti India activities. So why should we
hug/sing/dance? It makes no sense to beat around the bush. Again, no one is blaming the Pakistani people here, since they are suffering the mis-deeds of their govt. Having said this, I don't believe in such mushy cultural exchange. We have to know that we are alone in this war and hence we cannot afford to be sitting ducks.

allthecrap said...

@alltalk then lets agree to disagree :) we are looking at the same problem but we have different solutions to offer. I rest my case.

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Agreed :)