All Talk and No Action Monday, March 22, 2010

After the Farmer's Market trip yesterday, I met with a group of friends and we decided to try out Global Village at Bandra.

One reason why Bandra scores with me, is the endless number of food outlets, mini joints and multi-cuisine restaurants.

Now, about Global Village.

A huge, huge disappointment. Considering how much it had been lauded by friends, the place turned out to be okay on ambience and decent on food. But it was a major let down on the purse !

Since most of us were foodies, extra bucks didn't hurt. But the quantity served just didn't justify the illogical pricing !

Everytime we ordered, we fell short on quantity and felt inadequate.

Indian, Italian and Chinese were all given a chance, to get a fair balance on the table. But the servings just spoiled all the fun and we left without trying out their much touted desserts.


For Italian, I strongly recommend Little Italy. I love the food, the ambience and the authenticity of the place. Again, be prepared to stash out more greenbacks, but really, the place is worth it.

I also tried out Mainland China's buffet a few days back. Authentic fare ! Light on oil and spices and bland in the right places. Give it a miss if you are a fan of Indian Chinese. But otherwise, a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon.


I have been recommneded Relish, at South Mumbai, by a few friends. Do let me know of any eateries you have been too and have come back satiated.


Wedding Food Trivia - Do you know how caterers save on cooking expensive and rich food on the menu, while trying to appear dil-daar? The most expensive food items, in terms of ingredients and popularity, will almost always be placed at the very end of the counter. Yes, by the time your plate is half falling with all that you have dumped, you will notice a rich chicken gravy or a delicious looking kheer rear its head at the end of the table. You feel sorry for not being able to taste it, while the caterers get away with cooking minimal quantity and not worrying about extra servings.


Tigger said...

The day seemed to be quite a success since most vendors had to call in for re-fills from the APMC market in Vashi.

If veg. came from Vashi how was it ORGANIC as claimed by Kavita Mukhi ?

All Talk and No Action said...

@Tigger - The veggies were indeed organic. I spoke with all stall owners and some of them had shops in vashi while others being unsure about the success of the event, had kept extra veggies at Vashi.

Sneha said...

It is fantastic that there is more variety in food in Mumbai these days. However, I have had a major craving for Mumbai Street Food. Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, ragda pattice, you get my drift.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Sneha - Yup, lots of fine dining + experimental food outlets have sprung up.

I do get the drift. Just the other day, went with family for a pani puri treat. Cold water, tamarind, potato, bundi, masala... Ummm... yumm.. do you get the drift? :D