All Talk and No Action Thursday, March 25, 2010

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The last movie which was well researched, wasn't jingoistic, didn't make you cringe and managed to be patriotic, was?

Maybe Swades, but again, it couldn't help preaching. I don't recall any other.

Your wait ends with Road to Sangam.

This little known, small budget movie,  released in January 2010, has slipped past most movie buffs. Our Pseudo-Secular  media too gave it a miss.  No surprises there. The movie just didn't fall into their definition of patriotism.

Road to Sangam is a thought provoking, Gandhian movie and I dare say, the very best in its genre.

Gandhianism is restricted to movies, books and currency notes today. 

Road to Sangam tries to bring forth the ideas that Gandhi lived and died for. It enmeshes fact with fiction and gives us an authentic drama about one man's struggle to be an abiding, God fearing Muslim while still being a sincere Indian.

When a bomb blast occurs in Allahabad and some members of the Muslim community are wrongly taken into custody, the community Maulvi (a stellar Pavan Malhotra) asks fellow members to shut shops in a show of  protest against the system.

Hashmat Ullah (Paresh Rawal, at one of his best), a much respected member of the society and a secretary of the community decides to abide by this request, though a tad unwillingly.

Little does he know that the vintage Ford engine resting in his shop cannot afford the wait. It is about to take one last journey to Sangam, for submerging Mahatma Gandhi's forgotten ashes.

A visit to the local museum and one look at the Ford about to carry the Mahatma's remains, change something in Hashmat Ullah.

From then on, the movie flows wonderfully, breaking many barriers, raising pertinent questions and pushing for a change.

Vey subtly, it raises significant issues - Where does one draw the line between being a true believer and a borderline fanatic? What will it take for us to realise how religion and politics, can make or break us as a nation? Finally, can and should religious leaders make our decisions for us?

Some little known facts on the Partition too have been brought into limelight. 

Finally, a very sane look at what true Karma is and how we undermine its importance today.

Rawal is at his subtlest best as Hashmat Ullah and it's difficult not to feel his vulnerability. Pawan Malhotra as the Maulvi delivers a stellar performance too.

The movie is well shot and dwells on details. It also has some soulful lyrics and uplifting music.

Practical Gandhianism, a slow yet simmering awakening and an honest intention - this is Road to Sangam for you.

A must watch for all nationalists.


S.R.Ayyangar said...

Unlike other communal based movie, this one is different but unfortunately being a non commercial attempt, many are unaware of this movie.Indeed a must watch.

Shaiz said...

hey just passin' by...
nice blog :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@Ayyangar - Yes, pity, it didn't garner any applause. Quite indicative of the times we live in. Thank you for stopping by.

@Shaiz - Thank you

india unbound said...

Very good review. It is indeed one of the best movies in recent times.

The movie is a must watch not just for nationalists but also for "secularists".