All Talk and No Action Sunday, April 4, 2010

Very few people I come across can live in harmony with animals.

Some are afraid of animals, while, an overwhelming majority, hate them.

For whatever reason.

Some incidents in the last two months have proven that even employees and volunteers of some well-known animal care NGOs, lack sensitivity and love.

This post was meant to be a rant against them.

Thankfully, I realised my folly.

Few people like animals, fewer still actively involve themselves in animal welfare.

I would rather talk about the good work that is going on and hope people make use of the resources available to help these kindred souls.

Charu Shah is an animal rights activist and someone, I go to, apart from my regular vet, in case of any queries/suggestions.

An architect by profession, Charu is a living encyclopedia on animal rights and laws, pertaining to India.

She has an egroup by the name of animal-welfare India. The digest has any every information you could think of, with regards to animal care, adoption drives, pet news and happenings around the globe.

She, alongwith her dedicated network of friends, holds group meetings that bounce off ideas in the field of animal care.

If you wish to become a part of the e-group or want to direct pet queries to Charu, please leave your mail IDs in the comments and I will revert.

Obviously, no crank mails/fraanship requests will be entertained.

Also, some NGOs that are doing their bit towards animal care are :

  • SPCA
  • IDA (In Defense of Animals)
  • Ahimsa

I request you to get in touch with any of the above, if you ever find any ill-treatment being meted out to our furry friends.


Today is my Chotu's birthday.

When we look back at the last four years, we feel blessed.

The below words from Jabberwock nail it better than I ever can  -

It can be a lonesome business being closer to an animal than you are to most humans. People often give you strange looks if you express your real feelings, so you end up making light of things – shrugging and saying things jokingly as if they don’t really matter, when they actually matter a great deal. Just the other day I was exchanging empathy notes with a friend who’s in a similar position. She and her husband treat their human child and their dog as equals (with the caveat that the human kid, aged ten, is relatively independent now, spends most of his time playing video games and is already heading for a life-stage where parents won’t be very important to his scheme of things, while the dog will be completely dependent on them till the end of his life). But it’s very difficult for them to share these thoughts even with close friends - unless the friends also happen to feel the same way - because the typical reactions are derisive laughter or criticism. Defensiveness ends up being your default mode. Halfway through writing this post, I was already thinking about trolls who would decide to feel “offended” because I’m drawing a connection between a Progeria-suffering human being and an animal. Well, tough.

Contact Numbers for the NGOs listed above

SPCA - 022 24137518/ 022 24135285
IDA - 022 56212681/ 022 32681418
Ahimsa - 022 28802682/ 022 28821972


allthecrap said...

happy bday chotu...:)

K10 Keni said...

Belated Happy birthday Chotu Matta.....(SD).....kiddin Matta...

K10 Keni said...

to @All Talk and No Action
I am a animal lover...u know that...Most of the people hate animals agreed..Even I hate STREET DOGS because they try to case, come in the way and try to bite a scalp out of you while u r riding ur bike mostly during Night times...Sterilization of street dogs make them more wild. Thats y I hate street dogs....I wish Menka gandhi kept a seperate home for them..