All Talk and No Action Sunday, April 25, 2010

I don't follow cricket.

I never understood much of it, earlier.

Mostly, I think it's a waste of time. For the whole nation.

A lot of friends, who are ardent fans and pretty informed about the game, deserved to go for the finals.

Yet, I was the chosen one. Ended up with 'free passes' for the match. Ahem.

It brought me lot of wicked pleasure to annoy friends who hadn't been able to procure tickets.

So far so good.


I had a Delhi Daredevil and a Chennai Super Kings fan each at home.

Since I didn't follow the matches much, I settled with Mumbai Indians.


The experience at the stadium - I might not be able to do justice with words.

Exhilarating and extremely well organised. ( kudos to Mumbai Police and IPL).

Difficult to express how this game brings out the best and the worst in Indians.


Now, about the game.

Bleddy hell.

I believe in luck. Only, if I work hard. And deserve. So anyone who thinks that MI had bad luck today, in polite words - get lost.

It's a team effort. CSK put up an awesome show and mostly, everyone performed. Can't say the same about MI.

We should have known we were going to lose when -

  • We dropped Raina twice
  • Pathetic fielding at various times
  • We played as if it were some silly test match - extremely morose first five overs!
  • The whole stadium + viewers on television begged Pollard to be sent, while he kept cooling his heels at the dug-out. what the hell !!! Did the team management think he was some God who could undo the Karma of the previous players??? We needed 55 off 18 balls you idiots!

Apart from this, I also think MI didn't use its bowlers well. Yes, I am no expert, but this much anybody can understand - why change bowlers every over??

The target was very much achievable.

We had the home ground advantage.

A supportive crowd.

Even Ganpati bappa morya chants!

But we were just plain bad. Infact, pathetic.

So, even though I rooted for MI till the last ball was bowled, I am happy that a deserving CSK took the cup home.


I could never have written about cricket.

The T20 format is to be thanked for such posts.


Today I saw two very different styles of leadership emerge on the field.

I think you should watch cricket, or any other sport, with people who understand it more than you do. The quality of discussion is superb then. Hilarious too.

I was lucky in this regard. I had fabulous company during IPL 1 and 3 finals. Yeah, I watched the first one live too. Ahem.

I have always liked Dhoni. For various reasons.

I would love to get into his head and learn his thoughts someday.


Chintani said...

Thanks for a good read :)
Btw, you could have sold your free passes for thousands ;)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Chintani - Thanks :)

Yes, I could have. However, it wouldn't have equalled the pleasure of seeing annoyed/jealous faces around :)

prasadk said...

Interesting blog with all posts related to different topics right from cricket to movies to what not.

I am becoming follower:)

It helped me to have some good time in office. :)

prasadk said...

There is no way to follow your blog ? I don't want feed burner thing. Is it possible for you to do something so that I can follow?

All Talk and No Action said...

@Prasad - Thank you! And that was some honesty regarding reading blogs in office :)

You can follow using the subscription through email option. Else, you can join the "Followers List" on my home page. It will show the latest posts on the blogger dashboard, everytime you log in.

If none of the above work for you, good old bookmarks/favourites is the next option.

In the meanwhile, I hope you would like the following posts too -

prasadk said...

'Else, you can join the "Followers List" on my home page'

This is what I want but I did not find a button called "FOLLOW" on your blog.

I read your post 'What women want'. Got some insight of girl's mind:)

Your post about babus is also nice and I can actually visualize while reading. Keep it up:)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Prasad - Just below "about me", can you see the followers list? It has a tab "follow".

prasadk said...

No. Maybe you have used some settings for privacy . On right side, I can see only these headers. No follower list.

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Neways.. I have to use bookmark option I guess.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Prasad - Ok, this is baffling. I don't know what the problem could be. Anyway, welcome on board and hope you enjoy the content.

prasadk said...

ThaNK YOU :)

Sure ..I will.