All Talk and No Action Thursday, April 22, 2010

kAy comes up with a well crafted experience. People of "marriageable" age will identify with the sentiments.

I hear it's a competitive market out there - this marriage business.

If you wish to go the arranged marriage way - have no qualms about being marketed, paraded and rejected, all on grounds such as:

  • How you peel a banana
  • How you hold and fold a paper napkin
  • Your choice in cars
  • The way you oil and comb your hair
Yeah. You will get a chance to discuss your degrees/hobbies/favourite colour/star signs only if you pass the previous test.

Even then, there is every possibility of a better, svelter, more equipped shark getting away with your prey.

Marriages should happen. But, at the right time. With the right person.

But Sunshine would like to poke a hole in this theory too.


I find this sudden surge in wanting to "get published".

A lot of friends, acquaintances and bloggers I read, wish to see their names in print, someday.

Mostly, I think it's the glamour, because, writing appears to be secondary to them.

Anyway, whatever your reasons, I recommend reading Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent.

You will appreciate the writing skills required, the industry workings and the toils involved in getting published.


My thoughts on India's stance in Af-Pak made their way to Indimag.

I recommend reading Colonel Ajay Ukidve's comments on the subject.

Every argument he makes is a chapter in geo-political affairs.


Hang often impresses with his honest and sometimes, unusual observations.

I especially liked this, this and the three types of passion.

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