All Talk and No Action Monday, June 28, 2010

Chetan Bhagat is one of the few people who are consistently stupid. At least when they write.

This article in the Sunday TOI proves my point.

Now, Aishwarya's resume reads Actress, and there is absolutely no doubt about her acting skills – they are absent.

So yes, she is wooden, plastic and an ice maiden.

Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Dhirubhai Ambani – all rose from the bourgeois. I don't know anyone who is jealous of them.

And, don't even get me started on Shashi Tharoor.

Anyway, this isn't a rant. Stupidity of such an order, on the Op-Ed pages, provides much laughter on weekends.

Go Bhagat Go !


mywriterkeeda said...

just read this one. I totally agree with the point on Ash, that you made. But it IS true that we think that success means only someone who "rises from thebourgeois"...without commenting on Ash, I have many personal experiences where people dismiss someone success as "he is already so rich, so whts the big deal", "obviously he can do that, his dad is so and so". I have often seen dismissive attitude towards achievements of reasonably well off people as "easy money"... without discounting the achievements from those rising from the bourgeois.... the stakes are different at different levels. Point is, the theory of "envy" that Chetan wants us to believe is of course bull.... but we do tend to get dismissive about achievements when its from someone who is well off than the normal junta

allthecrap said...

I think I agree with mywriterkeeda at many levels.

I understand that Aish as an example is wrong but In general, may be we indians have that crab mentality .

shiva said...

I would disagree. Chetan bhagat novels are a cult and even if you think he is stupid he's got enough brains to sell millions of books. If you call the stupid. I would die to become stupid anyday :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@Mywriterkeeda - Thanks for stopping by.

Frankly, even I would dismiss a wealthy second generation guy's success :-)

So, effectively, NR Murthy, Sunil Mittal and others like them get my respect; not the Ambani brothers. This is not to downplay the Ambanis' creativity or business acumen; it only means that they have had it easier than most. Hence, I would discount their success.

@allthecrap - I don't know about Jealousy yet. However, "Games Indians Play" did open my eyes to "we, the people" :-)

@Shiva - Umm, Himesh Reshammiya makes money and has fans too. Does that make him a good singer/musician?
Chetan has brightened up the Indian Fiction writing scene and has been pivotal in getting people to read, however, this article and is flawed in logic. Raavana failed due to its inherent flaws and not due to the masses' jealousy of Aish's beauty.

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Even I agree a bit with mywriterkeeda..

That article is a bit illogical. I agree the rich have it easy, the poor have it difficult - well obviously - but how exactly do you link Raavan here? If Mr. Bhagat is to be believed, Dirubhais, Sachins and Premchands should not be existing. Oh, well, duh! How often do you read a heart-wrenching poem thinking whether the author came from rich or poor background? Don't even get me started on anonymous authors (so many on the internet)

and as an aside on Shreemati Bachchan and Shree Bhagat:

I don't care about the audience's reception of the movie. If the amount of money a movie earns, or even how the audience feels about is any yardstick to measure how *good* a movie is, you are doing it wrong.

I'm, in fact, least bothered with 'item' 'actresses' (most people in Bollywood would fail to classify as 'actors', the good performances are there, but, they are more of an exception than a trend) and indeed the authors and their 'opinions' ('rants' would be a more dignified word here) too.

Its OK, Aish won Ms. World contest, is cute/beautiful/sexy/pretty - take your pick - and has done many movies and so on.. and its ok Chetan Bhagat got the whole of India reading, writes 'funny' (if 3 mistakes or even 2 states classifies as funny for some people, they will probably die of laughter when they read The Hitchhiker's Guide or Catch-22) and inspirational stuff, they have their cult following and everything but who cares. They exist, they rant, do some 'acting' and go away. Oh well...


Nice blog btw :) keep writing. Sorry for coming so late... tc!

All Talk and No Action said...

@QP - Thanks for stopping by :)

Mohammed Musthafa said...

Read the post, the article and the comments. And i agree that chetan bhagat made a huge mistake in citing ravaan as an example. If only he had seen the movie...