All Talk and No Action Monday, August 9, 2010

INDImag - one of the best platforms for short stories and socio-cultural narratives is closing down.

I have never had the patience to write fiction. It requires more thought, attention and hard work than a normal post does.

Yet, INDImag was one place which made me itch to write short stories.

It had immensely readable narratives with a very strong editorial support.

It helped that the owners had a fine aesthetic sense and made the site a visual treat.

The best offering though, was through the comments section - myriad topics ranging from politics to movie making to story writing to food were discussed with equal enthusiasm. Most readers commented, shared their experiences and provided insightful feedback to aspiring writers.

It was a cozy den, where Indians across the globe retired, to indulge in delightful reading.

I wish the INDImag team luck and hope someday, we see a revival of an even better platform for budding writers.

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