All Talk and No Action Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sharing some snaps from the trip to Sinhagad, Lonavala and Pawna Dam.

The trek to Sinhagad was fabulous. It was only after we reached there that I remembered doing the same trek a few years back.

This time around, there was lower visibility due to torrential rains. We covered some lesser trekked places at the fort. All of it required finesse and courage, IMO!

To be honest, I don't enjoy hikes much. I am fearful of heights and suffer headaches at high altitudes.

Of course, it helps to have a wonderful set of friends who make every trek worthwhile.

Yet, the only reason I hike is to get over my fear.

I may stop such pursuits the day I feel it is a worthless activity.

Nevertheless, such treks always amaze me about the fitness levels of the Marathas and their horses!

We stayed the night at a friend's friend's house in Waje Vadi. It is a sparsely populated village with lush green fields.

Dinner at a small dhaba and a traditional breakfast prepared by the family, more than made up for any luxuries we generally look out for at hotels.

The farmer we stayed with, filled us in on the village news :

It was a rich and a happy village! No suicides had ever taken place here.

He also had ensured good education to all his children - They were B.Pharm, Nursing and Engineering graduates.

Did you know that Dhabas are tax-free business opportunities?

Mumbai - Lonavala highway has one by the name of "Sunny Dhaba". It's as big as a restaurant can be and can seat more than 100 people at one go.

The food is delicious and apparently Mumbaiites don't mind driving all the way for a weekend treat there.

For all the hoopla, I still couldn't digest the hole burnt in our pockets - a Biryani for Rs.680?? Chicken Tikka - Rs. 450??

Give me a break!

If monsoons bring out the romantic in you, now is the right time to visit the Sahayadris.

However, I have never understood how muddy waters and dirty roads and potholes and low visibility and dull, depressing days can ever bring out a romantic in anyone?!

I hate rains!


allthecrap said...

Nice pics :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@atc - Thank you :)

Swati said...

With you on the last line of your blog. Especially Mumbai rains :-)After being away from it for 7 years now, I fail to understand how I managed to travel in those stuffy local trains when it poured all day.

Was a good read!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Swati - I guess the infrastructure of Mumbai makes rains an even more tiring experience than they actually may be.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you like other content on the blog.