All Talk and No Action Monday, November 29, 2010

This was a delightful read.

I know that AIR has in-house librarians, but how valued they are, is anybody's guess. I mean, do you know of any college professors and/or historians who thank the AIR for making their subjects easier and interesting?

On the other hand, a lot of friends who are studying in the US or have been staying there for many years now, are always full of praise for the value NPR brings to the table. 

From what I know about private radio stations (through a colleague who is now an RJ), librarians are not a cherished  resource. Infact, some companies don't have any knowledge house. Most of the conversation is crowd sourced and repetitive.

No wonder then, about the quality of our programs and RJs.


The online presence of most of our radio stations is akin to Page 3 coverage. About AIR, they deserve every bit of praise for killing creativity.

Do browse through NPR's website. Though they belong to a different zone, there is some very good conversation happening there.

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