All Talk and No Action Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 has been quite eventful so far.

Before leaving for the Vipassana trip (earlier this year), I had promised myself that the day I got back to Mumbai - I would bring an end to my career in investment banking.

My job had presented me with many opportunities and accolades. However, I just didn't think it was anywhere close to a 'calling' for me.

Ofcourse, this crazy plan was well guarded from most people. Not everyone takes a deviation from routine as normal.

So, for the first time in 4 years after graduation, I had truckloads of time on hand.

I slept, read, watched movies and cooked.

I visited my school and went out with old friends.

I shortlisted nine sectors worth doing business in, made business plans and sought feedback from experts.

Yet, most of the time, seemingly engaged in interesting activities, my mind worked overtime.

I had NO idea where I was headed.

It was extremely difficult not to have any answers. For someone who prided herself on always knowing what she wanted from life and working towards achieving it, these months of uncertainty were quite daunting.

Thankfully, the year has progressed well and my experience of 'doing nothing' has been quite revealing and worthwhile.

Though some questions still irk me, most concerns have been ironed out.

Having spoken about the year, I now want to specify why I write this post.

I don't think I could have fared as well as I did, had it not been for my friends.

Ofcourse, my family was the most supportive. But then, they are blood relations and will have to wait for a vote of thanks.

Today, is just for friends.

People who have stood by me, supported me, corrected me, humored me, mentored me and just plain, heard me out.

People who showed me kindness and faith.

Most important, people who made me feel good about myself.

Once a friend told me that my future didn't bother him much. 'You are a Sindhi after all! Your innate resourcefulness will see you through!'

Ofcourse, that didn't solve my problems. Still, coming from a friend, it was the most comforting balm! (And, yeah, he earned brownie points for the Sindhi's ego massage ;-) )

The point I am trying to make is - Old friends are valuable and good for your health. Like wine, they get better with each passing year.

Often, people don't value their friendships. Different colleges, separate career pathways, boy/girlfriends, marriage, children are quoted as reasons of 'letting go'.

Agreed not all friendships are worth the hassle. Still, the few that are, must be treasured.

So, on this Diwali, while I thank God for my wonderful set of friends, I hope you reach out to people who have made your life worthwhile.

Here's wishing you and your loved ones a Sparkling Diwali and a fun filled new year!

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