All Talk and No Action Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have written about The Insider earlier, here.

The movie features at the top of my favorites list. The first watch was an emotional experience... and subsequent viewings aroused awe, inspiration, and to an extent, even reverence.

I guess one of the vital reasons I feel this way is because of its soundtrack - it is one of the best I have come across, as far as Hollywood goes. 

It is powerful, stylish and has a haunting feel to it. One doesn't often get to watch movies with music that blends perfectly with their themes and in fact, augments the entire cinematic experience. Such music often  makes me wish I were trained teachnically.

From the little I know about music, I know that this particular album could be called minimalist in its treatment... which makes it even more appealing to me. 

I am sharing my favorite tracks from the movie, they never fail to inspire me.

Especially, Massive Attack.

I must add that prior knowledge of the plot will help you appreciate the music more. I am not sure you will understand the underlying emotions, if you aren't aware of this tale of heroism.

The massive attack - If you have watched The Insider, you will agree that this track, apart from being inspirational, has detachment written all over it. And, it is heroic. Though, I don't think Bergman felt that way, then. This walkout scene is my single most important takeaway from the movie. And the reason I keep re-visiting it.

The below track - Rites - on each listen - makes me think of an expansive, empty desert. Maybe, because of its distinct Arabic feel..

Iguazu - I love the guitar strums.

If you have watched the movie and enjoyed its music, do write back. 

If you have watched the movie,  enjoyed its music and understand it at a technical level, definitely write back!

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