All Talk and No Action Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A very exciting engagement - Somaiya Foundation, through K.J. Somaiya College will support Pankhudi Foundation through their college fest "Symphony 2011".

While talks are still on, there is a possibility of Somaiya College hiring a bus to promote Symphony across Mumbai. This bus will showcase Pankhudi and it's activities and will help to garner support for the cause of education.

Pankhudi Volunteers will be present during the bus yatra.

We might also be putting up a stall on one of the fest days.

If you or your friends are students of Somaiya/plan to participate in the festivities, do drop in at our counter.

Pankhudi is delighted to have been chosen by Somaiya College in this literacy drive.

We are in final talks with Xaviers College and will soon have Xaviers' students volunteering with us on an annual basis.

This engagement is a part of their academic project for non profit organisations.

Again, if you know of students in Mumbai who would like to volunteer (teach/organise activities) with Pankhudi, please write back.

Any genuine NGO, worth its salt, will tell you how easy it is to raise funds.

What is difficult, is to encourage, cajole, inspire people to donate their time.

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