All Talk and No Action Monday, February 21, 2011

I have been wanting to go on a photowalk since the past few months now.

Finally, this Saturday, the opportunity presented itself. After I left from work, I headed towards Powai - one of the most favorite hangouts of my friends and colleagues.

On reaching the lake, my initial enthusiasm got dented - being the only single one amongst couples, I felt my presence was intrusive.

So, while it took every ounce of courage not to run away from the promenade, I tried my best to appear nonchalant and busy at clicking silly shots of silly busses passing by...

Only after I was sure the couples had better things on their minds, did I start experimenting with my camera.

Coming back to Powai, I have never been much of a fan. Pollution, un-ending traffic jams and perennial construction always put me off.

Things however, have changed for the better.

For those of you who are interested, Powai Nisarg Udyaan since January 22, has been holding a light show every evening (except Fridays) at 7.30 pm. Similar to Hong Kong's Symphony of Lights, this desi version of the light show (on a boat) was entertaining and even innocent, if I may.

A colloseum like seating arrangement, cool air and an assorted mix of Bollywood songs (including my favourite) pleased my senses.

I have always wanted us to make better and more creative use of our water resources. I am glad, we are finally moving in the right direction.
While I went to practise panning, the evening presented some very pleasant moments. I share them with you.

Some average attempts at panning :



Mansi said...

some amazing stuff out there!


All Talk and No Action said...

@Mansi - Thank you!