All Talk and No Action Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Subramanian Swamy's radical thoughts have brought much embarrasment and agony to many self respecting Hindus.


Having read the article, I am not surprised that two important line of thoughts have been completely overlooked :
  1. When will "secular" Hindus acknowledge the menace of proselytisation? People who believe or hope that religiosity will be on the decline in an increasingly modern and connected world, are mistaken. Religion and culture always have, and will continue to hold much stake in the soft power of countries/global economies. A lot of Christian and Islamic nations work towards internal cohesiveness and extending the cause of their religions. Hence, proselytising is a logical option for them. Why don't Hindus discuss this more openly? It is perfectly possible to remain secular, practise humanity, have enduring friendships with Muslims and Christians and yet, accede to the larger global agenda of religious supremacy.

  2. When will Hindus acknowledge the menace of casteism and untouchability? When will we wake up to the inherent injustice in our religion? I am surprised none of the commentators on television and otherwise have commented on these ills, which by the way, are also important reasons why Hindus agree to conversions.  
Swamy's article is a classic example of looking outward for solutions to one's problems. Hindus need to revisit the basic tenets of Hinduism, look inwards and find out who their real enemy is.

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