All Talk and No Action Tuesday, August 2, 2011

True to its reputation, Vagina Monologues managed to fluster, sadden, charm, tickle, disturb and make the audience roar with laughter - all in equal measure.

The web has much information and hence I won't discuss what you may already know.

What I will talk about is how glad I am for having watched Jayati Bhatia act, in person. Sheer delight.
I will point out how receptive, supportive and mature the audience was, and how very sad it is to have such a wacky and poignant play banned in major Indian cities. 

I also want to tell you that the play began with the artist, Dr. Sonali Sachdev,  asking us - the audience, about how many of us felt comfortable mouthing the word Vagina. An abysmal 10-15 hands went up. But, but. This hesitance didn't last long. Such was the charisma on-stage, that the audience swayed with every orgasmic ooh and aah and and repeated, hold your breath - the word pussy after the actors.  

I am also going to tell you that it is good to watch, read, learn and experience things that challenge and make you squirm.

I will also share that I am a fairly modern woman. Yet, in this context, I have mostly found it difficult to call a spade, a spade.

Finally, I will let you know that I cannot think of too many people I could have watched this play with. I am glad my company, Deon, fit the bill perfectly. 


After the play, during one of our many discussions, Deon and I realised how difficult it is to recall dialogues of a play. However impactful and engrossing the act, a few days down the line - one finds it almost impossible to recall major details, characters' names and the dialogues of the act. On the other hand, one will always remember dialogues from movies, even after, only a single viewing.

Why matlab kyun matlab kis liye....?

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