All Talk and No Action Thursday, September 1, 2011

I realised I was smiling by the end of the video.

We are told that September is the best month to travel.

So, has the bug bitten you yet?

I am already up for my second vacation this year. The North India trip, earlier in January, was a fabulous start to the year. Though I never came around to write about it, I must tell you that Nainital is the second, nope, wait, third most beautiful place in the world. The second has to be Hong Kong.

So, about Nainital. It is a beautiful place, with very delicate looking kids (who by the way, have peach-like skin, wear cute little sweaters and cycle to school) and some really polite people. I was surprised that a North Indian city could bring me such joy. The expansive mountainous terrain had all of us stunned.

Oh, and, it was the only place in the entire trip of 9 cities that offered us South Indian Food! No kidding! I was depressed after having to eat paneer , paratha and dal makhni for the most part of the trip and missed my sandwiches, idlis and dosas.

I loved Nainital and will go back.


3 weeks from now, I am going on a road trip to Rajasthan. Only, this time with family. Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are on the itinerary. I have been told that Udaipur and Jaipur have the most sumptuous kulfis, ever tasted by man. They are stored in earthern vessels and do not require ice or other cooling agents.



I am also lucky that my work gives me ample opportunities to travel. Kolkata is probably the only major city that I have yet to see. Hopefully, that will happen soon and I will let you know if Puchka is indeed better than Pani Puri.


The more I travel, the lesser I feel I know myself. Yeah, lesser.

Also, the more I travel, the more I realise how much I love Mumbai. Its people. Its attitude. Its magnanimity. Yes, it's the most beautiful city in the whole wide world.

I leave you with this wonderful read on Sherry Ott. Might be improbable and drastic for most of us. But worth doing what she does, even if only in bits and pieces.

video link via Ashish A.


aakash said...

Traveling is fun in India. Everytime you'll end up in a very different cultural setting, and so many colors and tastes to explore. To be honest, I felt a notion of South India v/s North India, in my opinion, it's more fun when we keep it to India. I've been travelling myself around the country, and it feels home wherever I go. Mumbai, is an experience everyone needs to have for sure :)
And the lonely planet article was quite interesting.. Kind of spoke my doubts at times. Nice read.


All Talk and No Action said...

@aakash - Thanks for stopping by. Traveling is fun anywhere, not just in India :-)

About South vs. North, well, it is a fact that North India is not travel friendly for most people, especially for women. Over all, I find the people more abrasive in the North.

Since Mumbai is home, everything I say can be viewed as subjective :-)

Since you have been traveling, pls share interesting stories here or on your blog.