All Talk and No Action Friday, November 11, 2011

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Calling Code Blue for Bollywood!

What a horrible year.

The one movie I expected and hoped (like really prayed) would add shine to this morose landscape was Rockstar.

Such misplaced expectations.

The last time I fidgeted this much in a theatre and shut my brain completely was during My name is Khan. Infact, even Kites let me off the hook in 130 minutes.

But not Rockstar. No. All the mild moments of enjoyment in the first 30 minutes quickly give way to such inanities, that I wanted to slap myself for even wanting to watch the movie, let alone expecting an engaging experience.

I cannot begin to enumerate the faults with the plot. What I think Imtiaz Ali set out to give us was a rich and layered tale of love, longing and heart break. Instead, what he has dished out is a senseless, trite and if you may, a sadistic love story. There is absolutely no reason why a viewer should feel for the characters.

While the love story is incredulous, the Rockstar bit is even more disengaging. I don't believe that pain and heartbreak are pre-requisites to create great art. Yes, great artists have been known to have suffered harsh ordeals, which may have lent more depth to their creations. Yet, the corollary doesn't work.

This is where I can't reconcile with the movie. And, you know what's funny? That the movie doesn't mean to promote this thought. And that, my friend, is my biggest grouse. The characters and the story are so botched up, that no one, including Imtiaz himself may know what the point of the entire drama is.

I am often amazed when film makers hire highly skilled staff to bring us breathtaking cinematography and soulful music but forget that great movies often work magic with the bare minimum : a well drafted script.

Is this rocket science?

Don't ask about Nargis. I hated her. Hated.

The only person I feel bad for is Ranbir. He must have had a lot of faith in the project. He acts well and is mostly a delight to watch. If only his character and the movie were more nuanced and better penned...


Aditi said...

This remembers me of an interview of James Cameron just before the launch of Avatar. He was queried alot on the technique, as 3D was very new then, and overall concept. His words should prove to be lighthouse for all those who want to venture into film making, commercial or otherwise. He said "Nothing absolutely nothing compensates for a good story! A film essentially is a story telling and therefore, whatever technological advancements we use a good script supersedes all" Great man that Cameron bloke!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Aditi - You said it lady!