All Talk and No Action Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I was meant to share something else with you today.

But a friend derailed my thought process. 

He stated he respected women and the world might have been a better place had women been ruling it.

All was good, until he sought my agreement.  

For all my feminist rants, I surprised myself when I replied in the negative.

While he kept prodding me to think of a utopian world and re-imagine a future where women, instead of men, ruled the roost, all my head kept hammering was Error Not Found.

I am surprised at my mental block. Wasn't day dreaming supposed to be easy? 

I may have played along had I been living in a country which treated women better.  However, given the ground realities in India, scraping through the day and trying to protect one's dignity sound more real than women ruling the world.

And, even if women came to rule, I am not sure we will be better than men. Having had a woman Prime Minister, we will have to agree she wasn't a messiah of non-violence.

I also doubt if our innate desire to nurture will have any impact on world peace. Weren't German women partners in crime during the Holocaust?

What I do know for sure is I suck at beauty queen questions and India is God damn lucky not to have me as a Miss World finalist. 


debajyotighosh said...

excellent post. but women are ruling in many areas and definitely handle things better than men. so u never know.

All Talk and No Action said...

@debajyoti - welcome to the blog and thanks!

Yes, women are leading in some areas and are good. But, I am not sure there is any conclusive evidence in this regard. It's a question about our perception.

Frankly, I envisage a gender neutral world where we are recognised for our work, and work alone.