All Talk and No Action Friday, November 30, 2012

And, I'm back.

Sharing the movies I have seen in the past few months -

Nov 8 - Kaksparsh (Marathi) - While I liked the performances, I'm still undecided if I liked the movie as a whole.

Nov 9 - Salt n' pepper (Malayali) - I loved how the protagonists bonded over food.

Nov 10 - The lion king - Didn't appeal to me. Not every animated movie can be timeless, like the Toy story.

Nov 12 - The wave (German) - A school experiment gone horribly wrong. Good watch.

Nov 15 - Casino royale - My first bond movie. A thoroughly enjoyable fare.

Nov 16 - A quantum of solace - After Casino Royale, a huge disappointment.

Nov 17 - Half nelson - Watch it only if you like Gosling.

Nov 18 - The Godfather - Now I know why people were embarrassed by Sarkar.

Nov 19 - The Godfather 2 - I don't think Robert De Niro has ever looked this handsome.

Nov 20 - The godfather 3 - Like others, I feel this was an unnecessary installment. Unlike others, I liked it.

Nov 21 - The matrix.

Nov 23-25 - chasing liberty, it's a boy girl thing, law of attraction, because I said so, My big fat Greek wedding - Yes, I have an overtly romantic 22 year old room mate who was keen I let my hair loose and enjoy.

Nov 28 - When a man loves a woman - One of the most under-rated movies ever. A very well enacted movie with a good look into the family life of an alcoholic. While I picked it up only for Andy Garcia (the Godfather hangover), I was pleasantly surprised by Ryan's nuanced performance.


Oct 2 - OMG - Probably the first Bollywood movie to wager an attack on organised religion. After having watched the play (which I loved), I was keen to see how Rawal would translate it for the screen audiences. I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to everyone. Atheists won't be happy, but this is the closest a bollywood movie can come to challenging the existence of God.

Oct 11 - English Vinglish - My favourite hindi movie of 2012. Apart from the amazingly beautful Sri, I loved the music too. May Sri win as many awards as there exist. What a comeback!

Oct 12 - Vertigo - Good old Hitchcockian suspense. While I liked it, I was stumped to know it is the 'greatest film of all time' as per a 2012 ranking. Now who makes such decisions?!

Oct 14 - Shame - A story of a man clinically obsessed with sex. Depressing.

Oct 20 - Pretty Woman - Pure meh.

Oct 26 - Definitely, Maybe - This one was picked out of sheer boredom. But I'm glad I did. A good romantic movie with nice performances and a cool twist in the end! I like coming of age stories where relationships are traced through the years and love isn't treated as a one-time epiphany. I especially liked the parallel story of Clinton's presidential campaign and his impending impeachment.

Oct 27 - The time traveler's wife - Left it midway. Too boring and meaningless an endeavour 

Oct 28 - The silence of the lambs - I often wondered how Hannibal could be the no. 1 villain of all time since I had watched Hannibal before this one. Stupid me. The silence... is the most spectacular thriller I have ever seen. The movie is so cleverly written that it can scare the hell out of you even a good two decades after it released. The best part was, I could watch it at two levels - one, as a viewer being scared out of her wits, another as someone who was acutely aware of and awed by the tricks being used to scare her.

Oct 29 - The usual suspects. One of the best thrillers ever, they promised. What a disaster and waste of time!

oct 31 - Insomnia - A psychological thriller. Decent watch.

Sep 10 - Being John Malkovich - If the movie has a deeper philosophy, it went way over my head

Sep 16 - barfi - If you're one of those that loved the movie, this isn't for you. Yes, Ranbir was good, but this definitely wasn't his best performance. And, were you as confused with Priyanka's medical condition? I thought her performance while being good, was veered more towards retardation than autism. And I am tired of complete, scene by scene rip offs! The movie does have its sweet moments. But that's that.

Sep 22 - GOW 1 - I slept midway. Will probably never know why it's been compared with the Mahabharat.

Aug 10 - Kids - Sometimes I wonder why I attract such depressing movies. And to think this was made in 1995!

Aug 12 - Agent Vinod - Need I say more?

Aug (don't remember) - Kya super kool hain hum - I survived.

Aug 24 - Ek tha tigerrr - Only solace is I watched it at home and not spent a penny on it.

Aug 25 - The dark knight rises - Yes again. This time in Imax.

Aug 29 - The love guru - A colleague recommended. Later I struck me it was some kind of revenge.

July 8 - bol bachchan - a typical Rohit Shetty film with some genuine laughs.

July 20 - The Dark Knight Rises - I don't think I have ever read so much about any other trilogy, ever.  Yes, the movie doesn't exactly deliver or match up to its predecessor. But I still feel it was a great attempt, considering the scale and themes explored. My dad still doesn't understand how I could take an off from work and watch it at 9.30 am in the morning. He was glad the tickets for earlier shows were booked.

July 21 - The kids are all right - A funny family drama and a decent representation of an LGBT couple.

July 24 - The Dark Knight Rises. Again.

July 27 - Please give - decent watch

July 29 - Ice age 4 - good entertainment

Fight Club - It took every ounce of patience not to give up midway. The movie may have spawned a cultural revolution in the US, I care a damn!

Shanghai - One of the better movies to have come out of Bollywood this year. Nice performances.

Toy Story - They don't make such movies anymore.

Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai (Marathi) - nice entertainment.

The Amazing Spiderman - a disappointment.

Toy story 2,3 - My all time favourite animated series. I was amazed at its emotional connect. All it takes to make a memorable movie - good story and lovable characters. And my favourite character(s) - definitely the aliens!


Arvind Pasi said...

Im surprised that u actually kept a track and remembered the exact dates!!

BS.. said...

Wow..perfect 'movies seen' calendar blog!