All Talk and No Action Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This and This don't seem to match !

Its sad that we fail to cherish kids and realize that each one is special in his own right. Its sadder and scarier to see these very "marks making machines" being rejected by companies !

This is a vicious circle - first, we pressurize/force/taunt kids to pursue insurmountable goals, when they appear to be closer we raise the bar and ask them to get unreasonable grades. Naah, the quest doesn't stop there - the poor souls have to continue with this endless pursuit of bettering their scores and trying to "match up" with peers.

Yet, how many of these rankers and star performers go on to become Future Einstein? Hardly any !

How much a kid scores in his 3rd Standard Geography shall hardly define what he is capable of achieving in future !

Also, what's irritating and inexplicable is that most of us as kids have either faced or have known of friends whose sense of self worth depended on the marks they fetched.

How then, can we as parents and guardians fall prey to such an unfair system? Why this senseless rush?

We could have had some solace had all these young adults been in demand. However, this is NOT SO ! According to the Skills World 2008 report only 39.5% of Indian graduates are employable and industry ready.

Woowww - so much heart burn and sleepless nights in return for what?

A sea change in attitude towards education is required by parents and the academicians.

What we currently produce are literates and not educated youth. Most of them don't stand a chance in today's knowledge hungry industry.

A University degree and the institution's brand can only open doors for you. However, after you step in - its only your interest, hard work and will that shall bring you success.

Also, more than learning and acquiring skills, the youth needs to learn and unlearn whatever they do. In today's ever changing and dynamic work places, the ability to absorb and upgrade oneself matter more than theoretical knowledge. One needs to be malleable to fit in anywhere and not get bogged down by a demanding corporate life

Moreover, everything apart, the most important skill that we need to impart our kids is to survive all modern day malice - peer pressure, stress, unhealthy competition, jealousy, burn out.

More than their IQ it’s a strong EQ that shall be their savior.


Dhawal Shah said...

I dont necessarily agree with it. First of all, inflation is at an all time high.

Salaries are at an all time high as well, but what about sales. Sales are definitely not all that sluggish.

Almost all qualified / smart people have enjoyed salary hikes of atleast 30 to 40% minimum.

Have sales, productivity, markets grown that rapidly. Definitely not. Where would the additional hike in salary come from, from more hours.

If salary levels are so high, we may lose our competitiveness, eventually. We need a lot more stronger approach on productivity, rather than FEAR burn-out and stress.

I beleive its, how you take it that makes a difference, rather than what is told to you. We need to equip the youth with SMART education not with the current model.

We pride ourselves as the best in technology and the masters and what not BS, but we have to use technology to do mundane jobs, the moment we have people doing that, their is a human and social cost.

Lets call a spade a spade.


Abhishek Sharma said...

so many pearls of "wisdom"! hats off to both of you :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal -
I think we are both on diff tangents here!
My post talks about growing suicide rate amongst kids as young as 12 years old and the growing "spend" by companies on grads n PGs...all I am saying is..our education system is faulty. On one side it burdens kids to produce more marks and on the other side these very kids are not market ready! So whats the point of this rat race if the end result is stupid?
I cant figure out how sales comes into picture. Yes, productivity needs to be increased...n how will we do that? By making our edu system more market friendly and practical in nature.

@Abhishek -
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

This is Sumedh Kanzarkar

this is in regards to your article "Where are we headed"

Frankely speaking the article can be compared to the name of this blog----ALL TALK AND NO ACTION

Fortunately we all know regarding the things that are mentioned in the article but unfortunately no one knows the solution to this.
We all know that there is enough pressure,enough competition...but the old rule of survival of the fittest is the only way to go ahead.
we cant tell every one what they should do...the max we could do is tell our frends and other known guys what is good for them and how they shall go about it.Ultimately this is upto the will power of that person and the inner motivation that he has.

if he has both the things he can still be successfull even without studying as in he could well be excellent in some or other field and not necessary has to depend upon formal education.