All Talk and No Action Tuesday, June 3, 2008


What a week - loaded with outings, free dinners, some padhai-vadhai and a spectacular IPL Finals !!

Have been busy with a few assignments…catching up with old friends and spending time with family…

In general - taking life easy !

Talking about IPL - Had been wanting to catch the drama LIVE this time around…had been bored to death by friends and colleagues who kept narrating their experiences. I wanted to see and decide for myself if the T20 actually deserved so much attention.

Yes! It did deserve the attention :-)

The one word that comes to my mind when I look back at the finals is - Spectacular !!

From the opening ceremony, the laser shows, the star studded performances to a nail biting and pulsating climax - everything about the event was spellbinding !

Through out the match, I kept vouching for the "underdogs" and Whoa !! What a show they put up !!

Warne did an excellent job without a coach and managed to get the trophy for a bunch of "nobodys". In true bollywood ishtyle - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar :-)

Now, I ain't an expert on the game. Infact, I hardly follow it ! I did not know most players and frankly, couldn't care less about the "Strategy" the captains used in trying to out-do each other.

Yet, even as a novice, I enjoyed the game, the spirit, the exhilarating masses, "the Mexican waves" and the mesmerizing Cheer Leaders ! A complete Paisa Vasool match !

Initially, I felt awkward and contained my excitement. Just how could a game bring people to the brink of madness?

However, a few overs into the game, I gave up all thoughts of sanity and joined the crowds in the fun filled banter, the boos and the aahhhs…

The energy exuberated was so very infectious, you just couldn't "not" get affected !!

Above all, I went for the match with 2 close friends who are "experts" in the nuances of the game. It was fun to watch them challenge and boo each other, while their bets played on the field.

All said and done, an amazinnnngggg week !!


india unbound said...

The fact that you enjoyed IPL despite not being an avid follower of cricket proves that IPL has increased the popularity of Cricket :-)

I think for the first time, a domestic sport event from India was telecast live in more than 150 countries.

Also watching IPL was a family event and after a long time womenfolk gave preference to Cricket over K serials.

There is no doubt that IPL will change the way Cricket is managed and played in India. This can also have affects on other sports like Football, Hockey etc.

Lets hope that this change is more positive.

Namrata said...

humn... IPL final... hamse ek baar pucha... and then never even let me know that u went and attended... bahut khub janaabbb

Mr BS said...

I think this post speaks volumes of the success of IPL! Someone like YOU opting to see a cricket match (and enjoying it too)!

Also heard that those present there are still raving about some of your "moves" during the match...! it's very unforunate that the cameras couldnt catch it on the tape and many ppl missed out your performance.. ;)

btw, dont u think that the match was fixed??The 1st ever IPL final going to the last ball and the so-called underdogs winning it...i definitely smell something fishy!! :P

oh and....have a look @
and see which team was the most PROFITABLE as per wiki... :)

last but not the least..most of ur posts have pic but this one doesnt..kya hua??koi pics nahin nikale match ke?? :D

All Talk and No Action said...

@Indiaunbound –
I agree…lets just hope that such leagues can hold enough interest for viewers

@Namrata –
Dearie – From your response I thought you meant – “Katle”… :-)

Hence didn’t ask again…

@BS -
Yes…I am not into cricket…but definitely loved this match ! For that I think the “company” matters too :-)

My moves…what are we talking about?? :-)

I ABSOLUTELY don’t think that the match was fixed….the cup went to the deserving underdogs…just proved that no glamour or stars can save you if you aren’t sincere in your game…

I don’t CARE who made money…as long as the deserving team won !

Afa pics go…I was depending on my so called “company”…but he FAILED miserably !! Why don’t you check out youtube to satiate your hunger for videos n clips??

Shyam said...

What????? there was a match going on as well?? i thought everyone went to see the cheerleaders... they would come to the stage after every 3 minutes and sometimes they would give bonus performances of the time they needed rest so they would sit back and keep us waiting for the nest 1 min performance to start after 3 minutes

Mr BS said...

ohhhhh...."company" eh??!!so everything was done to the "company"...
Havin a good time, getting fotos etc sab kuch company ka kaam hain...aur aap sirf maze lenge kyun???
galat baat nahin hain yeh?? :)

waise maanna padega aapke "company" ko...
aapko aur aapke ignorance (afa kirikoot is concerned) ko sehna padha hoga..
aap ko entertain bhi karna padha hoga..
aur toh aur aapke "moves" ko bhi jhelna padha hoga..!!