All Talk and No Action Friday, June 6, 2008

I am not into Page 3 and High Society Gossip. However, every once in a while, I do indulge in mindless Page 3 talks with friends and delve into the gimmicks of the who’s who of Bollywood and Indian Television.

Though the Manoranjan provided is often substandard, it doesnt harm me and provides an outlet for my wicked imagination and emotions: D

Anyway, a few days back, while skimming through theWhats Hot Section of a well known Gossip Guide, two gleaming faces stared back at me.

A picture of perfect harmony, bliss, companionship andsoul mates.

A few months earlier, the faces might have invoked feelings of admiration and respect from me. Now however, they only managed to repulse and infuriate.

All the admiration I held evaporated in thin air when I, like many others, realized the sleazy plot they were a part of.

Staging marital discord, they went on to dramatize the whole process of their estrangement, incompatibility,irreconcilable” differences and pending divorce. This, when they were considered amongst a fewHappy and committed couples in these times of “convenient andopen relationships.

This wasnt enough. They went on air and shamelessly brought in theDusri Aurat ka angle coupled withAbhimaan like issues where the sizzling wife was earning truckloads more than thealso ran actor.

Barely had fans recuperated from feelings of disillusionment, than this couple was seen laughing away all media reports…”Ullu BanayaPopat..Popat!! Aayin..?? Yeh kya koi April Fool joke tha?

Ullu toh banaya hiBut wajah kya thi..?

Any guesses?

This smarty couple along with a few marketing whiz kids decided to grab eye-balls for launching a new Product!!

Ji haanbehno aur unke bhaiyonyeh pura naatak rachaya gaya..taaki aap unke endorse kiye gaye products khareede !!

After all, mega bucks are on line heretoo much at stakethodi masti karne mai kya jaata hai bhai..?

Ya, why not? Whats so wrong with washing your dirty Lenin in public and later calling it off?

I have never been a fan of either. However, I always admired the lady for her Bindaas attitude and confidence. There is an inherent elegance and street smartness about her.

She is also known to be a shrewd deal maker. However, this deal of hers definitely did not cut well with the masses!!

Just who in their right minds would want to make fun of a steady relationship? Something thats sacred and has weathered years of ups and downs?

After years ofpublic image management, hard work, professionalism, meaty offers, amazing cash flow and scaling popularity charts one mis-calculated and STUPID step and all goes up in thin air!

The couple might still have fans, gain back respect and the lost credibility but how in the world do they explain their insensible and greedy actions to the most important person in their livesTheir Son??

Beta..tumhaare mummy papa ne kuch paiso ke liye apne sukhi sansar ki dhajiya uda di

Is there any thing sacrosanct at all for such greedy, shameless, money making machines??

I am greatly disappointed in Malaika and Arbaaz Khan !!


Abhishek said...

Its probably Linen and not "Lenin".. Don't disrespect a great personality like Lenin!! Hope you write such articles in controlled anger from the next time!! :P

Mr BS said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with this whole naatak...The entertainment industry works so everywhere..

Even in Bollywood, for promoting your latest movies, actors and actresses do a lot of things....
Before the release of most of the movies, the lead actors, irrespective of whether they are single or happily married, are rumoured to have an affair...
In fact I think even the producers, directors and the actors too want such things to happen because having some controversy / spice associated with your project means that the public would be more inclined to have a dekko!

Also I find the last comment about the son etc very funny indeed !!
Don't forget you are talking about film stars who are seen romancing and having steamy scenes with their co-stars in their movies even though they are married / have children...Also divorce is a very common thing in this industry...

Probably, portraying a fake divorce is the most harmless thing that these people could do :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

Sharma Ji..aap ki paar ki nazar ka jawab nahi…

Waise toh chaand par bhi daag hain…no Masterpiece is complete w/o minor errors…hence the “isspelling mishtake” :P

here I each his own…

Personally I don’t like the idea of making fun of something that’s sanctimonious…

Some things should be accorded the sanctity they deserve…if our so called “idols” stoop down to such levels…I don’t know where our society is headed…

Also, afa steamy scenes are concerned..they are a part of the script…I however fail to understand how one can explain one’s kid…why his/her parents staged a drama…all in the name of a few bucks??

Mr BS said...

"they are a part of the script" / "script demanded it"...yeh toh Neha Dhupia / Celina Jaitley etc ke fav lines hain...aap bhi is mein vishvaas rakhte hain?? :D

waise, doesnt the same argument hold true in the case of this particular ad...script demanded it :)

All Talk and No Action said...

Neha and Celina don’t go around staging marital discord/dramas…

This couple did all that they did willingly and w/o any script…no advertisement script would demand a couple to dramatize their wedded life, give fake interviews, cry hoarse and later laugh it off.

As I said earlier, EXTREMELY CHEAP !

Shyam said...

Uff kuch bhiiiii.... so what if they staged such and such drama ...this proves two things that they are awesome actors and two that all most of the gossip mongers including you can be fooled so easily cause sabko spicy news main itna interest jo hota hai.... hmmm now down with the crap aur bata ki newest gossip kya hai...tujhe pata hai woh abhi ne kya kiya ..hmm baki story phone pe

india unbound said...

@All Talk and No Action

If you are not much averse to steamy scenes as they are "part of script", you should take this gimmick as "part of publicity campaign". You will feel much better :-).Publicity is now as important as script, for movies to be successful.

I feel they were quite original in doing this act and should be considered as successful as they even managed to get an article from you :-). Believe me , I was not aware of this incident unless I read it here.

And I think,if Arbaaz and Malaika(or actors in general) can explain steamy scenes to their child, they wont even need to explain this publicity stunt :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Shyam –

I agree they are fantastic actors :)

Afa new gossip, abhi and phone are concerned – Ullu banana chod de…Phone aur tu?? Itne bade dil wala kab se ho gaya ki ISD Calls karne laga?? :P

@India Unbound –

Yes publicity is as imp. as the script. But there is a fine line between good and cheap publicity.

Movies do not ask actors/actresses to publicize their marital discords and later laugh it off. However, this couple out of their own wish staged this act. As I mentioned earlier, the whole drama involved Malaika talking about her hubby not earning enough, she running the show, he having an ego and finally deciding to call the relationship off. I doubt any ad script would make such publicity demands.

For me – it shows the respect they have for each other and their relationship.

india unbound said...

The fact that they can carry off such a drama shows that their relationship is very strong and obiviuosly have a lot of respect for each other.

All Talk and No Action said...

@india unbound –

To each his own. I judge a situation by applying it to myself. I would not go to such limits for a few extra bucks. Hence, I find their act to be demeaning.

india unbound said...

@All Talk and No Action
Neither would I do something like this. I was comparing their publicity stunt with "steamy scenes" and I find the publicity stunt to be far better act than "demand of script".

That does not mean that I will do these things for extra bucks.

All Talk and No Action said...

@India Unbound –

I don’t think steamy scenes and this publicity stunt can be compared.

Steamy scenes are generally done with co-workers/colleagues. It’s part of an actor’s job. Usually he is not emotionally involved with his co-worker.

Afa this stunt was concerned – it involved a married couple, who has been involved with each other since more than 10 years and has raised a kid.

The only point here is – does staging a drama where a family, years of togetherness and responsibility are involved sound a good idea?

india unbound said...

Just as this does not sound good to you, many people would find steamy scenes far worse. These things vary from person to person.

If script would have been so sacrcoscant, most actresses in Bollywood woould have done steamy scenes, but it is common knowledge that many actresses in Bollywood are very strict even about kissing scenes and have even denied big films because of such reservations.

They obiviously dont find script as important as you do, inspite of this being "part of job" and are not ready to do this even if it is with their colleagues/co workers with whom they are emotionally not involved.

Infact, Madhuri Dixit, one of the most succeessful actresses in Bollywood regretted doing the kissing scene in Dayavaan. There are many such examples of "regret" from actresses.

In Bollywood, when actresses achieve success and can command big banners, they suddenly become uncomfortable doing such scenes inspite of "script demand" :-D

Even in Hollywood, Michael Douglas was not allowed by his wife to be part of Basic Instinct-2 :-D

And we all know that most Indian actresses stop doing such scenes, infact even stop acting, once they are married. The reason is not very difficult to guess.

Finally, it boils down to an individuals perception of morality which I just mentioned above varies from person to person even if they are in the same profession.

All Talk and No Action said...

@India Unbound -

Afa steamy scenes are concerned - I guess we just need to mature as a society!! We maintain dubious stds when it comes to movies...while leading away notorious lives!

Where actresses are concerned - I guess most of them are very much involved in steamy scenes...but "behind the cameras" :)

Yes, you are right when u talk about it boiling down to an individual...and for me...the fact still remains - i am still disapp in malaika n arbaaz... :)

india unbound said...

@All Talk and No Action

After this long and fruitful discussion, I completely concur with you, that by no stretch of imagination can anyone defend the stunt done by Malaika and Arbaaz.