All Talk and No Action Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few days back, I came across this Television Ad by Emami, promoting their new wonder cream – “Fair & Handsome”.

The ad made me go bananas !!

It works on the premise that every dark skinned guy worried about getting a good “catch” (read: “sunder, gharelu kanya”) till he was dark.

He would be accepted only if he could improve his situation and turn into a fair, handsome and dashing hero overnight!

After all stupid ads showing dark girls crying hoarse over not getting married, not getting jobs, being rejected by airlines and living melancholic lives – this ad was an assault on the senses!!

The most important thing being – it was being promoted by Lakhon Dilo ki Dhadkan – apna Shahrukh k.k.k. Khan !!

That, after years of socio-economic progress, one should feel trapped under one’s skin color OR the lack of it – is abysmal !

That, the people of the fastest growing democracy, still believe in Color Discrimination – is pathetic !

That, major companies get away with promotion of gross ideas and mis-guiding the youth – is deplorable !

Finally, that, the country’s most endearing Icon promotes such regressive thoughts is truly sad….

God Bless Us All !


Abhishek Sharma said...

Quite crisply written! :)

india unbound said...

I guess feminists should be happy as Fair and Handsome signifies the rising equality between Men and Women, as Women have been using Fair and Lovely since ages :-)

Btw, I dont think SRK is country's most enduring icon.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Abhishek -

@India Unbound -
Feminists like me are pissed off to say d least :)

afa SRK is concerned - I couldn't agree more. However, is desh ki nayi peedhi thinks otherwise...

Mr BS said...

I have not yet seen the ad but I think it's just an indicator that even India has embraced the Meterosexual man !!
Also I don't understand what all this fuss is about!

Using impressive and nice-to-hear words like "socio-economic progress" is all well and good but who are we trying to kid here?
How many people can be completely HONEST and say that when it comes to choosing one's partner, the looks and the beauty of the opposite sex does not matter?

Given a choice between Will Smith and Tom Cruise or say Ajay Devgan and Hritik Roshan, who would you and most of the girls want to have as your partner / fantasize about and why?

Most people want to be good-looking, attractive and beautiful/handsome..
Being fair is considered to be one of the criterias for being considered so...
Hence people want to be fair...

Why is it that, in most of the literary works and movies, the male and the female protaganists have picture-perfect looks (fair too most often) and body?
The main purpose of book is to tell a story and movies is to entertain people isnt it and i guess having beautiful characters is not really necessary for this, is it?

Women have been using such cosmetics since ages and perhaps it's time for men to do the same...
So why is it an "assualt to your senses" when men do the same?

All in all, what's wrong in producing, marketing, promoting and finally using any such cosmetics for men too?

If there's a market for it, people might produce and market it.
Probably they have very noble intentions which is to fulfill some people's dream of being fair and hence attractive!

As for promoting, how many of the icons or the "lakhon dilon ki dhadkans" of this country, esp who are in the entertainment biz or sports, are not endorsing products which might sound silly and some not-so-good for heatlh (the Cokes and the Pepsi's). So why pick on one such icon?
If it was not this "icon" it would have been some other icon, it's as simple as that..
I think you are just finding reasons for SRK-bashing more than anything here on this part.

Last but not the least, now I realise that my comments are longer than the post in itself :D

P.S : Having stayed in a hostel I personally have seen and known guys who used to use "Fair & Lovely"..! :-)

All Talk and No Action said...

@BS –

Afa I know, metrosexual is more about change in attitude than change in skin color.

Afa attraction & choosing one’s partner is concerned – beauty is important to some extent – but does beauty lie ONLY in fairness?

Also, reel life copies real life – so if we in real life chase & support lofty ideas about beauty – movies will continue showcasing them. Also, Kajol, Rani, Bipasha, Charliz Theron, Halle Berry – all are concerned beautiful women w/o having the necessary pigments !

Women have been using such creams to gain “acceptance” amongst regressive people. However, now that times are changing, we need people to be more broad minded and open ! Why get back to Stone Age again?

Also, more than SRK bashing, this post lamented the fact that our idols chase and promote regressive goals. Pepsi & Cola have not been responsible to break off relationships/marriages…however; skin color has been responsible for dowry deaths, unhappy relationships and lack of self worth. Hence, it becomes important to talk about and target such harmful ideas.

Yes, your comments are lonnngggggg…however, if our discussion can make people see sense…I would be happy !

mukund said...

Hello all, I am Obliged to write something worthy In this worthless forum!!
Primarily now, the vogue which describes women at par with excellence, for example Rani Mukherjee in 90s n Rani Mukherjee in late 2000s Can just be differentiated with respect to fairness, has now come into limelight only after mr SRK endorsing some products for fairness creams for men!! If anyone has noticed that Then let me even tell you ,That the famous actress Tabu, who is really well known for her acting..chose 2 be happy with fairness rather than exposing her acting skills, no many observant people would notice the change in her looks too!!!
The point here is not that how fair can one person look, or is it really worth for men...TO go on the FAIR N HANDSOME WAY!!!...The point is Today people perceive models as their beauty icons. Hardly any actor(male) i have found has not waxed his body, to add looks n charm to his body. U mean to say waxing is only meant for exhibiting feminine charm n not masculine virility?
We tend to jump on mr SRK, without realising the fact that even MR Tik Tik Roshan chose to took steroids for fast building of his body, waxing his body and all that stuff!!
Today world is fast marching towards the concept-BEAUTY WITH BRAINS!!! If we take our own example, we wouldnt prefer a man who just has intelligence but no fair looks or beauty, n neither would be chose only beauty n fair looks
Today people like John abraham are admired, coz they carry a degree of post graduation with some brains in them and also have those looks
also we admire ppl like Anupama verma(BIG BOSS CONTESTANT) who is an MBA from FMS basically its no wrong if such products are introduced in the markets to boost the MALE CONFIDENCE, if someone thinks that looks are the gatepass to their confidence!!!
N so i feel that the launch of such products shouldnt be fired by ppl for no reason....There are still many aspiring models today who require the criterion of a stiff body, having good shape, n some fairness. Since we arent into the modelling line, its better if we ask them the criterion of their selection.
A person having long beard, bit dark skin, no body and hair all over the body(eg: Nana patekar) will always be considered a bit low on the modelling scale than to a person having some fairness, good looks, n a great body(eg Tik Tik roshan)
So lets leave this arguement here itself
Because every time an innocent person is fired...this time time...i dont know!!!

But this doesnt justify that i like SRk....I just wanted to say that if we talk about the competitive world, and if there are beauty parlours arnd the world for women, Then men have equal rights to look good and to stay FAIR n healthy!!!

All Talk and No Action said...

I am sad that you feel obliged to write here!! Whyyyyy This Torture?

I do not understand the analogy of Tabu...pray tell me how and when did the color of her skin change? Only difference i can see in her looks is that she has grown old....and must say graciously!

Afa Hritik is concerned - please provide links on when n where he took steroids...before tarnishing a genuine star's image!

Also, I feel John's example is trash! He definitely looks great...but am sure his confidence isnt due to his looks...its more to do with his good health and intelligence! get the difference right mister!

Also, Nana's example is again wrong since the Ad doesn't say that to become an actor/model you need to be fair...all it says is a normal, everyday guy will fail at dating if he is dark! Its about guys like you, aam junta!

I am sad if young guys feel they shall not get ahead in life if they do not have the necessary color !

I am assuming you are young too - I would be disappointed IF you thought your success in life depended on your looks and how "Fair" you look!

God Bless You!

Mr BS said...

My limited vocab says that "meterosexual" has more to with appearance and lifestyle rather than attitude!

Also, I cant agree with you that Charlize Theron is dark/busky/black!

Nowhere have I mentioned that fairness is the ONLY thing when it comes to being beautiful.
In case you missed exact words were...
Being fair is considered to be one of the criterias for being considered so...
And as I mentioned fairness maybe a criteria when it comes to the definition of beauty for not all but most of the people. There might be as many people who disagree with me and agree with you and vice-versa on this part.

What is so very "regressive" if someone likes people who are fair.
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
Your definition of beauty might not be the perfect one !
As you often say, "each one to his own" so why not so in this case?

As for SRK / Coke or any other such matter, you would want to reach a stage when things go terribly wrong and cause a few deaths before you feel and say that such a thing was wrong?

Yes, killing someone because of color/race/creed is bad, but that doesn't mean if someone wants to be fair, for watsoever reason, it's bad and making a product for that is bad either.
Now there are people killing each other and themselves over cricket matches and religion etc, does that mean cricket or being religious is bad for anyone's health?

I donno if any of my comments make sense but I am quite sure most of these things are true. Whether people accept it openly or not, is an all-together different matter

All Talk and No Action said...

@BS -
Please refer to this -

As said earlier...Colas aren't really a threat to our society...its the "idea" of beauty that can "kill"

Enjoy reading..!